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C F Capital Finance Inc

Country United States
State Arizona
City Mesa
Address 734 W Main St
Phone 480-890-8101

C F Capital Finance Inc Reviews

  • Mar 16, 2019

This company adds false inquiry to my credit report yearly since 2007. It places hard inquiries on my credit as if I am applying for a car financing lease. Its has also broken the Arizona state laws for debt collection stature of limitations under A.R.S. 12-548 I gave this leasing agency their vehicle property back voluntarily in 2007, as I could not afford to pay for it then.

They sold the car at an auction to satisfy the lease. This company has sent falsified documents to one of of my former employers to garnish my wages in 2016. This company needs to be investigated and audited for illegal business practices. I am starting here with my defense to their methods and will seek out the correct avenues for doing so, and I will succeed. I welcome any references to assist me with that.‚Äč

  • Oct 20, 2015

My ex-husband purchased a vehicle back in 1999. The vehicle was a lemon and had to go back to the company. The company 13 years later filed for an excessive amount of money including interest and fees. The company filed to have my pay and my ex-husbands pay garnished. My ex-husband contacted Ms. Omalley about settling this out. He paid her $4000 and he received a court document stating that there was a Satisfaction of Judgement for such case number.

Ms. Omalley is still contacting me trying to get money for the same judgement from me. The satisfaction of judgement for the case number that list both my ex and I has been paid off. But Ms. Omalley is still trying to get addional monies from me and has refused to send anything to my company so that they will stop my garnishment.

Ms. Omalley and CF Finance is trying to double dip on getting monies out of both parties even after there has been a Satisfaction of Judgement. If this is happing to you please contact your attorney, the BBB, and all Yelp type companies out there, so there is so many reviews out there that individuals will see this and not fall into the illegal trap and intimidation that this company is using.

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