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C&F Finance Co

Country United States
State Virginia
City Richmond
Address PO Box 2129
Phone 1-855-602-2001

C&F Finance Co Reviews

  • Jul 12, 2017

This company financed a car for me in 2010 and seven years later I am still paying them my payments were 425.00 a month. I have paid for 5 cars by now they continue to garnish my wages and keep taking money. this needs to stop and I need help please they are ripping people off.

  • Dec 1, 2016

I purchased a car end of August 2016. I made my first payment Oct, plus I paid more then what was due. Oct 18 I unfortunately became very ill, was put off work due to 3 herniated discs, excruciating pain and trouble walking. I am very fortunate that I work for a company that will pay me when i am off sick. but paperwork has to be filed thru dr and of course nothing moves fast.

I first talked with Yolanda 11/18, as she stated there was no option I had to pay my car payment or I would lose my car. Then I talked with Scott the great Supv, and as he repeated over and over, they don't take partial payments, its all or I lose my car. I get my back pay from Nov 1st to Dec 16th, but he could not wait till I got paid. As I had only made one payment and I am the one that signed the contract and I am the one that bought the car. I know all that, does he think I planned this? I have been in excruciated pain, been on all kinds of strong pills, muscle relaxers pain pills etc. I was not able to stay at home, since I am single live by myself. I have no one else to depend on. All my other creditors were so gracious, they waived late charges, I can catch up when I get paid. But not C&F, if they would of taken my car that would throw me into bankruptcy. My credit score yes is low, but that is because my credit cards are high, and IRS, which should not be on my report cuz I pay them mthly.I have a job I have been at for 15yrs, I work for such a reputable company. This has put me under so much stress I broke out in a rash, from the pain and C&F. I have all the medical records to prove it. All I can say once I get back on my feet my goal is to give bad reviews anywhere I can for C&F, I am calling the dealership and posting on there face book site about C&F company. All I needed was a little time till I got paid, I get 6mths full pay short term disability. I had to borrow from my 80yr old mother that is sick with leukemia, and her giving me that money put her in a jam till I get paid. I paid $15 to make the payment, and they do not accept partial payments, but they do take overpayemnts. and then I owe $30 late fee. Its all a rip off. I shall get out of this fiancé company as soon as I am able. This company is part of the problem of the world, no compassion.

There is no excuse for the way I was treated. But in Scotts words he was trying to help me. That is hysterical, he needs to go back to school, cuz he offered me no solution, except to pay full amount or loose car. Things happen in life to good people sometimes, unfortunately I had only made 1 payment and was a new customer, but they could of called my past car loan for reference, it would of been excellent. Plus how could they take my car back when i was only 18 days late.

Never Never Never use this loan company unless you want to be treated like a second class citizen.

  • Sep 2, 2015

Warning!!! Do not use!!!! They are a so-called finance company who preys on people with not so good credit! If you are one day late they will charge you late fees! If you're a month late,they will repo your vehicle without warning and will not work with you to make the payment. Then,they will take you to court without your knowledge until a garnishment is being taken out of your check. Then,on top of that,you'll end up paying almost the full amount owed along with interest!stay away from this company!!! I don't know how they continue to stay in business!

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