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Country United States
State California
City Corona
Address 1690 West Sixth Street Unit G
Phone 1.951.208.7756
Website Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2015

I ordered 3 dragon fruits, but recieved only 2 in the box. I contacted the company by phone and they said they would send another fruit, but never did. There was a bag of water in the box, which I originally thought used to be ice to keep the fruit cold, but now I am wondering if it was just in the box to make weight.

  • Oct 7, 2015

May 2015 purchased Mangosteen Fruit from this company, called about a month later and was told they were not yet in season but would be shipped as soon as available. I noticed the charge had processed through my bank and called the company again in late June. Again, I was told they were not yet in season and it would be the July Aug timeframe before they would ship. The end of August still no mangosteen so once again I call and I am told it will be September when they ship. I have tried calling 3 times since then and an "answering service" tells me they will take a message and the owner will call me back, which they have not. I demanded a refund last time,now no one is even answering the phones. I do not recommend anyone make purchases with this company. Too bad they make a bad name for online purchasing.

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