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Butterfly Labs

Country United States
State Kansas
City Leawood
Address 10770 El Monte St #101
Phone 913-271-6744

Butterfly Labs Reviews

  • Dec 19, 2016

In the first week of January, 2014, me and my two step brothers attempted to purchase two Monarch 600 miners from Butterfly Labs. After months of waiting we tried sending complaints to technical support which is the one and only way of contacting Buttefly Labs other than by mail (or personally visiting their physical address if it even exists).

After a year of waiting and being given no response to our complaints, I contacted the attorney general's office of the state of California and filed a complaint. The attorney general's office promptly emailed the company and I soon received an email from a man named Chris who claimed to work for Buttefly Labs.

For months I tried to get a refund but he kept beating around the bush. He continuously made excuses as to why they could not give us a refund. First it was because they were under investigation from the FTC. Then he said we had been moved back in the queue for a refund. Then he told me he couldn't tell me our position in the queue because he didn't want to upset me.

I threatened legal action but being given no help from my step brothers, one of which who made the order under his name, I was unable to bring the case to small claims. So, I attempted to join the class action lawsuit but by the time I did it was too late. The company has been sued for $86 million yet, they claim they cannot refund most people because they are out of money. The FTC reported that indeed most of us would not be receiving a refund.

Here is what irks me. Losing that much money stings a bit. What bothers me even more is that I know with 100% certainty if I committed consumer fraud on this large of a scale, I would be paying off what I owe for the rest of my life and would have served time in prison. Years of my life would be behind bars. I would absolutely be in jail right now as I write and for many years to come.

But, when a multi million dollar company commits consumer fraud, the government does absolutely nothing to ensure justice prevails. They do nothing. How do multi millionaires not have money to refund people? The FTC knows they are multi millionaires but, they are letting them simply say, "we don't have the money so we aren't paying you back?"

Where is the rerpresentation? Why isn't the government doing its job? I pay for them to do their job through taxes and yet, nothing. Why haven't any arrests been made when the guilty parties were proven through a court of law to be guilty? Why aren't 100% of us getting our money back?

Many of these questions are rhetorical. I know the government can't force them to pay us back unfortunately. They can only tell them a number that they owe and maybe put a lien on their property if they feel like putting tax payer money to at least some good use.

I do not have the money to find a good lawyer so basically me and my step brothers are out of luck. It is unfathomable and pisses me off to no end. The inequality in this country is atrocious. If you are a millionaire you can literally rip off as many people as you want for tens of millions of dollars and owe nothing back.

Funny that. The one type of person who really doesn't have to steal from people to survive is the ONLY type of person who will never serve a single day in jail for stealing from people. The irony of this is almost great enough to laugh at.

Don't ever buy from Buttefly Labs. They absolutely cannot be trusted and are criminals. Unfortunately, they are also millionaires which means the law doesn't apply to them like it does me or you.

If anyone wants to take this case pro bono and sue the hell out of them I would be happy to join you. It is a clean cut, open and closed case. They have absolutely no leg to stand on. They took our money, kept the product we paid for along with that money, and told us we aren't getting our money back.

I think sueing them at this point is far more than fair.

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