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Building Your Dream, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City New Rochelle
Phone 1 (914) 620-7994

Building Your Dream, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2020

SCAM ALERT!!!! Several folks have been defrauded by Antonio Da Silva Filho AKA Anthony Da Silva Filho (Building Your Dream Inc).

In late June 2020 was looking for a contractor to build a patio. I interviewed 7 contractors and I unfortunatley chose Antonio Da Silva Filho (AKA Anthony Da Silva Filho) of Build Your Dream Inc. I signed a contract in early July 2020 and Anthony promptly deposited my downpayment of just under $7000. He was supposed to start the process of filing permits with the local Department of Buildings and start work on the patio in the first week of August 2020. Leading up to the contract start date at the beginning of August, 2020.

Mr. Antonio Da Silva Filho had not contacted me. After reaching out a couple times to Anthony with no response on the status of the permit filings - I went to my local Department of Buildings and found out that Anthony had not filed anything. The contract start date of 08/07/2020 came and went without Anthony returning calls, emails, and texts. No communication continued for some time, and I officially requested my deposit returned on 08/23/2020. When it became apparent that Anthony had cut off all communication and had no intention of starting the contracted job, I asked for a refund. After dozens and dozens of calls. emails and texts since August 2020 when I ask for my deposit to be returned, I have only gotten 5 vague texts saying that he (Anthony) will be in touch attached with an excuse - including his father-in-law died, his daughter is sick, he was sick, his mother in law died, he has had no cell reception for weeks on a farm in PA.

None of the content of the handful of texts that I received addressed when my refund would be issued. It will soon be 5 months that Anthony has my deposit and stopped communication and I have no status of the refund of my deposit. I am losing hope that I will ever see my refund as Antonio Da Silva Filho has seemed to disappear. I am clinging on to some small hope that Rip Off Report can mediate to get my hard earned money back. Details of company: Address 74 WASHINGTON 1ST FLOOR NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK, 10801 Known Agents/Owners from registered company and license searches: MAITE NOVA ANTONIO DA SILVA FILHO (AKA. ANTHONY DA SILVA FILHO)

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