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Brothers Remodeling Group LLC

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Derby
Address 59 Minerva St. Unit A
Phone 1 203-751-9222

Brothers Remodeling Group LLC Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2020

This complaint will be brief despite the huge list of enormous, expensive home damages that this Contractor caused. However, the main point here is "Buyer Beware" to the entire Connecticut Homeowner public.

1.) Took 50% Deposit of a large job for exterior siding and new insulation work with a deck job.

2.) Said he needed the money to "buy materials." This should be a huge red flag to anyone in the future..... a good and well established contractor does not need to make this excuse and this is even illegal in most States.

3.) The deck is over a kitchen required timely demolition and restoration. NONE of this happened. When the rain came, the flimsy tarps they left in place for MONTHS [for a 6 week job, by the way] would let the rain in and I would be calling panicked as to WHY my home project was stalled with no none showing up day-after-day when it was SUNNY and now I have rain in my kitchen on a rainy day with no one to help me... I was met with excuses and 'gaslighting' psycho-babble to make me question if I am truly being unreasonable, etc. [a BIG psychological tool used by the WORST of the WORST rip-off scammers].

4.) The demolition unprofessionally performed by unskilled, untrained and inexperienced 19-year-olds who were un-Managed caused HUGE secondary damages to the interior of my home! The beautifully painted wood trim, the windows, the dry wall with expensive plaster, etc., were all severely damaged by the unskilled workmanship and careless behavior of the exterior madmen sent to my home by Ron Spataro.

5.) The unskilled workers were clueless, and could not have cared less when I confronted them. They left the back patio in a MESS with debris, huge nails everywhere and then would not show up 4 days out of 5 working days in the week.

6.) When I would call the office to find out why men were not showing up and to complain about the damages, Ron Spataro was never available and he would not answer his cell phone. The secretary [usually his mother] would make excuses and was clearly trained to deflect all responsibility and to outright LIE to me by saying misleading statements like, "Well, they are on the calendar to be there, etc." but they WERE NOT anywhere to be found with my home a mess, now with interior damages that Ron Spataro had no skill NOR any interest in repairing, and with TARPS all over the back of my house that made me feel like I was living in a CAVE.

7.) They started in July and this went on for months! He told me and on his own contract he said "6 weeks" for the entire job but when September rolled around and Winter was coming, I KNEW something was very wrong with the Con job.

8.) I called my trusted Landscape Designer from the Greenwich, CT, area to confront Ron Spataro who did nothing but "gaslight" and con-man talk his way out of any responsibility for what he had done to our home and for the delays, sloppy practices and totally unskilled and unmanaged IDIOTS who were left to run amok at my home.

9.) Ron Spataro took more than $30,000 from us and left us with a mess on the interior of our home BECAUSE OF THE UNSKILLED DEMOLITION ON THE EXTERIOR FOR THE NEW SIDING! THE DAMAGES TO OUR INTERIOR WERE EQUAL TO THE DAMAGES TO THE EXTERIOR OF THE HOME THAT WERE CAUSED BY RON SPATARO. The holes caused by the badly trained workmen was letting air in because they damaged the drywall, window jambs, and window trim.

Finally, we had to hire a truly professional carpenter to repair at great expense in November of that year because the cold air was now infiltrating our home. And they could not believe the horrific damages caused by Brothers/Spataro construction!

10.) A beautiful, new french door was severely damaged during the job that Ron Spataro was responsible for. The door jamb was damaged, and when they re-installed the doors, they PUT THE WRONG SCREWS INTO THE WRONG HOLES and thus, caused the doors to not close properly... so, without saying anything to the homeowner, or investigating WHY the doors did not fit or close properly, or making a call to Ron Spataro [who never showed up unless he wanted money], the unskilled workmen secretly just CUT THE DOOR INSULATION OFF FROM THE DOORS to force them to shut!!!!!!!!

When November rolled around, the new carpentry group looked at what had been done to my patio doors and they could not believe it.... they reported that the Idiots working for Ron Spataro did not know what they were doing.... they cut the insulation off and that is why you have so much cold air blowing in from under and around the doors..... AND they pointed out that the IDIOTS working for Ron Spataro were so inexperienced that they did not know that certain screws went into specific holes and they got it all mixed up and that was WHY the doors did not fit!

The whole ordeal was a nightmare beyond your imagination. This is a very short list of the MANY structural and carpentry problems that Ron Spataro was responsible for but never took responsibility nor paid us back.

We had to hire a professional carpenter and siding company the following Spring to take down EVERYTHING that Spataro Construction/Brothers Remodeling Group did in an unskilled manner and buy everything new, and start over and repair the entire job [a big job spanning the entire back of the home].

Not only was this stressful and horrifying to endure, but the whole new ordeal of dealing with construction in the back of my home a second time to re-do the same job was what I would consider to be the long-term abuse of the scam that the Spataro brothers put my family through.

Again, there is so much more to this story but these are just a few details for you, as the Consumer, to know about.

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