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Brookshire's Food & Pharmacy

Country United States
State Texas
City Tyler
Address P.O. Box 1411
Phone 1-888-937-3776

Brookshire's Food & Pharmacy Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2021

Call it THEFT by a corporation on a massive scale.

On January 14th I had occasion to visit this store in order to refill a couple of prescriptions. I had researched the prices my insurance company offered for one of the prescriptions and determined that 'SingleCare' would offer me a much lower price at Brookshires. It was the main reason I had moved my prescriptions to this store.

The Pharmacy advised me that they REFUSED to honor the offered price but would give me a 'discounted price' that was 3 times the advertised price. Myself, and one other person tried to discuss this with the pharmacy and eventually had to pay the price they demanded or not get the prescription at all. Since they were the only grocery store in my town I finally caved and paid the price but continued to argue that Brookshires was stealing from me and using deceptive practices in order to lure business in to the store. The more the pharmacy staff refused to listen to ANY arguments the more angry I got so I started getting loud and eventually walked away.

I do admit that I lost my cool and shouted at the pharmacy that they were stealing from me and it wasn't right. Apparently they determined that I was right because the next day the manager of the store called me in, told me the district manager didn't even know what SingleCare was but that he 'found out' that Brookshires was a participant and they REFUNDED me the difference.

In the meantime, Brookshires sent me a letter banning me from this store and they used the Springtown Police Department to Criminally Trespass me from the store and had them write me a ticket for disorderly conduct.

I am writing this review because a lawsuit is being contemplated, and a letter has been sent to their corporate offices requesting they NOT destroy any evidence of this occurrence. In addition, since this has happened more people have come forward with stories of their own stating the same experience...Brookshires REFUSED to honor their 'SingleCare' advertised prices.

I want you to think to yourself...Brookshires family owns and operates multiple stores in multiple jurisdictions. Literally hundreds of thousands of prescriptions. HOW MANY TIME HAVE THEY RIPPED OFF A FEW BUCKS HERE AND A FEW BUCKS THERE?? How much money have they stolen from people who simply acquiesced to the higher prices? It could be IN THE MILLIONS.

Now I did try to contact Trenton Brookshire (listed COO for the corporation) and got fobbed off to a customer service person. No one wanted to listen. They wanted to use the SPD to 'swat' me.

If you are reading this and you have had a similar experience with Brookshires and their use of (or lack thereof) 'SingleCare' and they refused to honor the offered price please contact [email protected] A lawsuit in Federal District Court in Texas is being prepared and right now I can prove more than 6 transactions and I would love more.

I hope this helps anyone being ripped off by this corporation. I have all of the names of their directors, officers and registered agents. Do not allow this corporation to steal from the public and enrich themselves.

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