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Brooks Portman

Country United States
State Ohio
City Springfield
Address 830 W 2nd St
Phone 937-450-5961

Brooks Portman Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2016

The owner of DBABP, Brooks Portman, did not provide the services as contracted and as he was paid for in advance. I am seeking a full refund of the money paid to him up front for services he never rendered.

He was contracted to perform on-page and off-page SEO work for our new online business. Over the duration of five weeks he continually pandered and lied to me stating that work had been done or was in the process of being delivered.

There are/were numerous tasks to be done; one he did (only one) perform involved creating backlinks. I learned after the backlinks had already been submitted that the quality of such was extremely poor and not considered a 'good practice' in the industry, as they can have a detrimental effect on the domain and page authority of a site (aka blackhat techniques). The backlinks he facilitated have created traffic but is 'useless' in practice, as is evidenced by a bounce rate of +99% and a page/session of 1. This traffic is foreign in origin and of no relevance to our site.

Immediately following the backlink debacle I suspected something was amiss and insisted for answers and to see what had been done- proof of the work he claims to have done. He then offered to send a work log of the 40 hours he claimed to have invested in our project at that time. I have since requested the work log (he offered)and proof numerous times but have yet to receive. He continues to claim to have done the work as agreed but there is no evidence of the work performed on our site, with the exception of the bad backlinks and the useless traffic they produce, and he has yet to offer any proof.

Two weeks ago he offered to refund my money because he wanted 'to keep me happy'. He then recanted and said "somebody is going to pay for may time". Brooks speaks very eloquently and is good at telling people what he thinks they want to hear. Unfortunately, through the pandering and use of tech buzzwords there is no follow-through and integrity and reputation is of little importance to him.

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