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Brookdale Oswego Springs Portland

Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
Address 11552 SW Lesser Rd
Phone 503-487-1521

Brookdale Oswego Springs Portland Reviews

  • Mar 7, 2017

I just wanted to let you guys know that Brookedale has a long list of wrong doings, even while management is on clock. Starting with: - failing to report someone having a stroke -neglect - sexual harassment -abuse - failing to help with falls - giving wrong medication - failing to help another employee with a fall - moving residents right away after hitting their head - sitting around and playing on their phones while on the clock - hitting residents cars an not reporting it - executive director saying she doesn't care about all these things - evicting someone than letting them stay after they falsely accusing another resident of rape when it didn't happen - workers flirting with residents - making up lies to get other employees in trouble because they don't like them -letting workers get away with everything - favoriting - nurses making resident associates do their jobs and than not doing their own jobs - LOTS MORE!!

  • Mar 7, 2017

I wanted everyone to know that LANA BUCKLES is the ED of the Brookedale Oswego Springs that I work at and there is way to much that is getting ignored by her. Residents are complaining about several employees, Salou, Halimo, Julita, Lana Buckles , Fatima, and Maryanne. Julita is both a Med Tech and RA. Several months ago she had failed to report to the other Med Techs Or another Management person that one of the residents had signs of a stroke. Along with a month after, another employee went into a resident that had just moved in, she went to help an and saw Julita an told her she needed her help because the resident was about to fall in the shower an she simply replye I don't have gloves, ended up going downstairs and another employee to go help. The resident ended up falling face first into her own poop. Salou with the same resident, he will go into room to answer her pendant but he will end up leaving without helping her. Along with going into another residents room and letting him know the girls will be right with him, let me reset your pendant until then leaving. It has become a habit for him to neglect the residents! We also have a dishwasher that says sexual slurs to the female employees. We also have a male maintenance guy that flirts with the residence an makes sexual slurs to the female employees, he will also sit on their beds right next to them and hug on them. Something is seriously wrong with all this and needs to be taken care of. We have Halimo that also works both Medtech/RA, she was training a employee and ended up at the fireplace for over an hour talking on her phone while the trainee was passed out after reading the careplans. We have Fatima which will not change the males, she runs out of the rooms like she is disgusted, she a couple weeks ago had rushed a resident in the shower than left her naked in her chair to fend for herself. We have Maryanne that promises to show up for their showers than never shows up to give them to them an also hides so she doesn't have to be on the floor. And she will take hours to do 5 escorts after dinner so she doesn't have to work. We have salou again that takes handfuls of food from the freezer an gets a container to put them in than leaves. He also sits at the fireplace on his phone after management leaves. Oh an we have the RN and LPN, they won't do the wound care which their suppose to. They make us do their weights an vitals, along if they give a resident the wrong medication they make us check up on them an take their vitals. There was a Medtech that was just trained and the LPN didn't delicate them for insulin but she told them if their comfortable with giving it to them than go ahead. The LPN, has wrote up several employees for not taking their weight and vitals because their to lazy to do them. People need to be fired and replaced. Thanks for reading

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