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Bronson Vitamins

Country United States
State Utah
City Lindon
Address 350 South 400 West #102
Phone 1-800-235-3200

Bronson Vitamins Reviews

  • Aug 21, 2019

First off, Bronson is a company that has been passed like a hot potato from failed company another failed company. They are NOT Bronson Pharmceuticals, which was recommended by Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. That company died in back in the 1970’s. Instead, their name has been used... with zero of anything else from back then.

2003: KABCO pharmaceuticals buys Bronson Laboratories rights from Twinlab Corp.

2001-2013: KABCO receives numerous warnings from the FDA until they finally the federal government obtains a permanent injunction against them on April 8, 2013. This was due to 6 products did not meet product specifications. Upon FDA inspection they found numerous cGMP violations including: “Kabco did not review and investigate product complaints, failed to hold dietary supplements under conditions designed to prevent product mix-ups and included unlabeled raw ingredients in their dietary supplements...” “...the FDA previously inspected the defendants’ facility and noted a history of violations and warnings...”

  • Jul 10, 2018

I had to follow up multiple times.

The Triple 3 never worked.

I got the money back after multiple complaints.

I know a friend who finds the product useful but to me it was a wasted of time

But what I object to is they fact that when I returned tyhe goods they had to be reminded multiple times to refund the money.

Do not touch them!

  • Apr 28, 2018

Anyone that reads this beware of vitamin companies, not just Bronson that are supposed to have a good reputation, but also food and herb companies. Bronson was recommended by my MD. Bronson doesn't list all of their ingredients, sources and whether or not they're vitamins are natural or synthetics. It should all be listed on their website but isn't. They list No Allergens. I even called them before I ordered and got a customer service rep. I asked: are their vitamins synthetic? She replied No. I asked if they were GMO? She said no. I asked, Do they contain corn? She said No. I order eight different vitamins from them. The three that I'm sure made me very sick are C, Multi and B complex with C and E. I started having a reaction within a few days and wondered what was going on? By the time two weeks went by, my whole body was burning and itching. I called them back...I asked for someone regarding ingredients. I got a man the first time. I asked him if there was any corn in their vitamins, he said yes. I told him what I was taking and asked why wasn't Corn listed as a source for these three vitamins. He replied, I dunno... Omg was I pissed. He didn't even offer me a refund. OK, so I quit taking them and was still sick for another month. I quit taking all of their other vitamins also. You can't trust these people. I had a bad feeling, so I called back again. I asked the sources of the other vitamins that I bought. I wrote it all down and called back again to get another so called specialist. Asked the same questions and got completely Different answers! Dear God. Do not trust these people with your health! Our government agencies to legally make them list their sources or that if they're Natural or synthetics. They can even use the term Natural even tho they're not. Find yourself a nice organic vitamin company you can trust.

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