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Broken Arrow Wear

Country United States
State Iowa
City Des Moines
Address 4133 Merle Hay Road
Phone 515-251-6999

Broken Arrow Wear Reviews

  • Oct 20, 2018

I've now had two massively awful experiences with Broken Arrow. The first time they sent me boxes of someone else's order. Broken Arrow didn't arrange for UPS or anyone to pick up these giant boxes of someone else's order. Instead, I was tasked with taking them to the UPS store for them, while my order was held hostage. Obviously, I ended up getting my order late.

I was able to overlook the shipping mix up because the quality was solid, the first time. The second time I ordered from them, they only shipped half my order, with no explanation or warning of why and this was after my shipment had already been delayed. When I contacted them, all I got was an "oh I dunno". They sent the rest of my order out two weeks late. When I finally got the rest of my order, all the prints were blurry and none were folded and bagged, a service I had paid for. What's even worse, multiple customers have wrote me complaining that their shirts become destroyed on the first wash.

I've had to refund customer after customer, as they send in their pictures of the awful Broken Arrow Wear printed products. When contacted about this, and about the order being late, and about the order missing parts, customer service has never made any gesture to repair or compensate. Even now, they won't even answer emails.

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