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Brockton Lending Trust

Country United States
State California
City Anaheim
Address 704 E Ball Rd #105

Brockton Lending Trust Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2017

Already wrote how I was scammed for 450.00, no loan and promised a refund and cannot get a returned phone call or call back, so almost 2 months have gone by without my promised refund

  • Oct 17, 2017

I was contacted via email by Linda Bryant stating her company had received my loan application from a reputable loan company that was not able to assist me. I had dealt with the mentioned loan company before, and was initially happy that they forward my application to someone that was able to assist me this go around with a loan.

After brief back-and-forth communication in which I was given a too-good-to-be-true interest rate of 7%, I submitted a loan agreement, but was told that because of my credit, I would require a co-signer, one of which I was not able to come by. The 2nd option would be to make 3 months of advance payment, which I was told would be applied to my balance. I was able to access the $933, which was my mortgage payment and payments for a few other billy I yet needed to make, and she assured that the loan would be deposited into my account within 2 hours after I Western Unioned the money to one of the brokers in Canada (someone named Peter is who's name was placed on the MoneyGram form).

I thought this a little odd consindering Brockton Trust shows a location in Anaheim California, but being that she sold me, hook-line-and-sinker (I used to believe myself to be pretty good at spotting frauds) with the America accent, and being that I was able to "bing" the company's physical address on google, I went for it. I contacted her about an hour later, and she advised me that her "Supervisor" had reassessed my application, and I would require an additional 4 months of advance payment for the funds to be released. Of course, I did not have the additional money, so I asked for my money back. She said it could take up to 2 weeks to process a refund. I asked her how it only took 42 minutes for this "Peter" guy to get my money from MoneyGram, but would take 2 weeks for them to send it back. I asked to speak to this "Supervisor" that had supposedly "reassessed" my loan. She said she'd have the Supervisor contact me, but I never heard from a "Supervisor".

Linda then began dodging my phone calls, and did not reply to me until I emailed her "cc"ing my sister, who is an Attorney. Linda then called me. I missed her call, but emailed her stating that I just want my money back.

It is now 2-3 weeks, I have yet to receive my money, so, as stated above, one of my sisters is an attorney, and she will be guiding me on what steps to take now. Because of the amount of funds involved, there will be legal procedings moving forward if I have not received my $933 back within a few days. We have legal connections in Canada, so this "Peter" person will have to surface.

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