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BroadStar Communications LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City West Palm Beach
Address 3965 Investment Lane, Suite A5
Phone 866-651-6097

BroadStar Communications LLC Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2017

I thought business monopolies were illegal. Apparently not in Florida. The only internet service provider I can get where I'm located is Broadstar. Each internet company has agreed to only service certain areas, this is a MONOPOLY. I pay for internet services, which I never know if I can use it or not. It's very frustrating because I'm in college. Many of my classes are online. The connection will go in and out, or be completely out for the entire day. I don't have a choice to CHOOSE another provider, because of the monopoly that has been set forth here by these internet companies. Broadstar is by far the worst Internet Company Service Provider ever. Something has to be done. As a consumer, they have tied my hands behind my back. My school getting completed is at the mercy of this service working. I definitely feel like a Class-Action Law Suit needs to happen; not only against Broadstar, but the other service providers whom have agreed to enter this monopoly!! I'm paying for services that ARE NOT be rendered!!

  • Jan 20, 2017

Broadstar Cable/Internet Provider is the worst company I've ever had to do business with!

I have lived at Hunter's Run apartments in Gainesville, FL since 2013, with just a short time when I wasn't on property; I live here because the rent is affordable, location in proximity to UF - which is where I am employed. Broadstar is the sole provider allowed in this complex due to an apparent contract. I feel as if I'm a hostage of horrible service. Their customer service department/employees are the worst I've ever had to deal with.

The channels go out of service for no apparent reason & what is listed on their guide is completly different than the programming actually being shown on the channel. This is a consistant problem and usually only effects the most popular channels. I've called the phone number listed on their website and on my statement and put in repair orders, but as of yesterday that phone number gives an error message saying it is no longer in service. I've messaged them through my online account, but have NEVER received a call back or email response as to how they are going to resolve the problem.

Although they say 'cable is included in the rent" it is actually charged into the rent at about $40.00 per month and I pay for internet seperately at about $62.00 per month.

A class action lawsuit should be implemented against them.

  • Dec 14, 2016

We live in a community and some idiot decided to sign a contract with broadstar as our internet provider.... in the past 16 months the morons have been to our house over 15x And can't fix anything....service is intermittent and shoddy at best....we can't even have a landline because they can't figure out how to hook it up... and then never showed again.... supposed to send tier 2 tech to fix internet then the same idiot that couldn't fix it will show up again!!!! I'm at a loss for words as to how dumb this company is. They do not provide service anyone should pay for everyone should be fired and the company needs to be destroyed!!! ClassActionLawsuit

  • Oct 25, 2016

I am writing you to make you aware of my level of frustration and total lack of professionalism demonstrated by Broadstar. Since March of 2015 I have had issues with this company. Broadstar is unable to provide the level of service that a paying customer should come to expect from a cable/internet provider. Since March of 2015, I have not had one single day where my cable or internet has not gone out, the picture pixels and freezes or goes out altogether. This is more than 500 days straight.

I have had numerous discussions by email with Broadstar customer service, Pascal who is no longer employed with Broadstar, Account Manager Karen and as of the past few weeks a person named Linda. None of these people have been able to get my issue resolved, they have made numerous promises to get this resolved and fail to do so. I have more than 50 communications with Broadstar by phone, email and in person. To date my problem still exists and no one will address this issue. I pay my bill on time and yet I cannot get the product I am paying over $100 for on a monthly basis

On October 10, 2016, I was to have Mike the technician come to my home to address the 4 emails I sent over the weekend of October 8 and 9, 2016. The same day I spoke to Linda and advised her of my issues with her Account Manager Djewell and how he handled the disconnection of my service during Hurricane Matthew. During my call with Linda she assured me Mike would be at my unit that day and would do whatever it took to get this matter resolved. She further advised that she would call him when her and I completed our conversation to speak to Mike regarding this issue. Prior to hanging up Linda assured me she would call me back the following day to let me know what was found and to speak to me about getting the issue resolved. Upon arriving at home I met Mike in the parking lot in front of my home. He stated to me that he has an appointment at my home regarding the service issues. Mike advised there was no use in having him do anything because the problem is with the cable box that delivers the cable. Mike stated the box has an issue and Broadstar is aware of this issue and there is no fix to make it work correctly at this time. I asked Mike if that meant my cable would continue to be interrupted and pixel as it has done for more than a year and he advised he would. Mike went on to say that this is a known issue and is not something new. Mike has been to my home numerous times (more than five)and each time I have had to take off work and use my vacation time to meet him. During my call with Linda I advised her that I put in a ticket with Broadstar to pick up unused equipment as well as continued service issues with my cable on June 29, 2016. The email is attached below:

[email protected] via

Jun 29

to me

Contact Type: customer

Nature of Request: other

Message: I continue to have issues with my cable. I have numerous interruptions in my service on a continuous basis and it has happened at least 5 times today alone. This has been going on for over a year now. I have an ongoing problem with no internet connection also. I have had Mike at my home numerous times and its still not fixed. I was then told when the satellites were moved to the Gables it would take care of this issue. It is still happening. I also need to turn in a box at this time since I can not use it most of the time anyway. I am not happy at all. I have had past conversations with Pasqaul not sure if I spelled it correctly who I understand does not work with you any longer. I have a file over 2 inches thick of correspondence regarding this issue and would like it fixed or I will be forced to cancel my service due to your inability to provide service as required in our contract. I would appreciate being contacted.

This email has not been answered and the equipment I requested to be picked up is still sitting in my home. On October 10, 2016, I advised Linda of this issue and she said she would put in a ticket to get this matter resolved. As of the time of my email that has yet to be done as promised. At the time of my email I have not heard back from Linda as she promised. I have given her 9 days to make contact with me and she has failed to do so. Today, October 19, 2016, I called Linda at 4:22pm. I was on hold for more than 10 minutes the first time. The phone was then picked up and a lady and she said “Customer Service, please hold and placed the phone on hold for another 7 minutes without allowing me to say a word. She then picked up the phone again and without saying anything placed me back on hold again for another 5 minutes. When I finally was able to get through I was advised Linda was not available. I then pressed the young lady about my issues and she said let me see if I can find her. I was placed on hold again. She came back and stated she was in a meeting with the CO. (not sure what that means.) The young lady told me I could call back as she would be at the office until 7pm. I advised her I was not calling back and getting stuck on hold for another 20 minutes. I asked to speak to another manager and I was told no one else is in they are all gone for the day. The interesting part is it was not even 5pm yet. I requested to leave a message for Linda. I left a message on Linda’s voicemail requesting a return call today. Linda did not call me back as I requested and still has addressed my issue with the poor service Broadstar is providing.

I have in good faith upheld my end of this contract however, Broadstar continues to fall short of the requirements of the same contract that they signed to uphold. Broadstar continues to fall short of being able to deliver cable and internet services as contracted to do so. This issue must be addressed and if Broadstar is unable to uphold their contract then they should step away and allow another company to provide the service who is able to on a consistent basis. Broadstar has demonstrated on a consistent basis they do not have the ability to provide internet and cable services on a religious basis without interruption on an ongoing basis.

I would greatly appreciate if you would get involved with this situation. I am prepared to take every action available to me in order to make this wrong right.

  • Aug 31, 2015

The cable/internet tech did not correct the problem, and when I called the cable company, they did not seem to worry about the ongoing problem. Our internet connection was lost on Aug. 22, 2015.

We called multiple times during the week to troubleshoot and to schedule a tech to come out. I was told that we probably needed a new modem. They said a tech could not come to check/fix the internet until 8/29/15. We also had previously called at least 7 times to get local channels.

The tech showed up, cut all of the coax cables and replaced the ends, looked at my computer and said "It should work now but it will be slow." He also said he fixed the cable to give us local channels. He did not give me a copy of the work order or ask me to sign off on the visit. The internet worked for about 15 minutes after he left. I called the cable company and was on the phone with customer service for 1 hour and 16 minutes and still did not get a resolution.

In addition to no internet, when I turned the tv on, not only did we not have local channels, we also did not have any of our channels and did not have access to our DVR. I called customer service again and spoke with Zachary who said he was a manager.

I explained my frustrations to him and he said they could not send a tech back to our home to fix the problem until Friday Sept. 4, 2015. I explained I am a student and do all of my school work online. He said "I'm sorry but this is the best we can do."

He then transferred me to Pasqual, who is the property manager for the cable company for my apt. complex. He was not available so I left a voicemail and as of the time of this complaint, he has not returned my call.

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