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BroadbandTV Corp.

Country Canada
City Vanocuver, British Columbia
Address 1205 Melville St.

BroadbandTV Corp. Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2016

When I first heard about TGN, I was approached by a recruiter who said that I can join the company and if I'm not happy I can leave whenever I feel like it. I started the application and I was accepted. I reviewed the contract with my parents, we read all of it, and never once did we see lock in contract.

So I sign the contract and things go smoothly for a few months. I'm asked to sign another contract but I refuse to do so and I delete the email. About a week later I see how TGN really was and I asked to leave, because I was often ignored by support and felt like I was being lied to often.

TGN replied saying i could not leave because I was in a lock in contract based off of the contract I Never signed. I told them I never signed the contract and they send me the original contract and I screenshot the part that said no lock in. Send it to them and it gets ignored, shocker. They send me another contract that does not have my signature nor my father's (since I was under 18 he had to co-sign).

Since I was still legally a child I had to have a guardian co-sign and I told TGN that it was technically against the law to sign me up for a contract that I did not sign, same with my father. Again got no help, I was ignored for over a year, now my contract is about to expire I don't give a s**t what they do.

Please do not join TGN

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