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Brittany Jackson

Country United States
State Georgia
City Kennesaw
Phone 770-377-3576

Brittany Jackson Reviews

  • Mar 19, 2018

Brittany Jackson is an awful individual. She steals your credit card debit card info passes it off as yours and uses it to fund her credit card scamming enterprise. She uses her company Ernst & Young and the travel they give her to meet unsuspecting individuals lure them to her room on the company dime. She constantly moves to different hotels so it’s hard to locate her. She will eventually drug you and steal, take pictures and get all you credit card debit card info going through your personal items wallet purse depending if a man or woman she is seducing and have your entire life within minutes.

Soon she will use all of your info and spend everything you have and completely wipe you out. I’ve noticed she’s scammmed enough people to open a bakery in GRIFFIN, GA called SMALLCAKES GRIFFIN address 1689 North Expressway Griffin, Ga 30223. (470) 204-7935 DO not or eat here I repeat do not eat here. THIS IS A STORE FRONT LOCATION to steal more credit cards/debit card info. They will use everything against you and I’ve heard they are now selling CREDIT CARD INFORMATION on the dark web.

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