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Bristol Paper Recycling LLC

Country United States
State New York
City Millwood
Address 84 Millwood Road
Phone (914) 923-0785

Bristol Paper Recycling LLC Reviews

  • Mar 1, 2016

I bought 2 container loads of POS Rolls for Cash Register machines based on Samples provided by Mr Lou Quintano.

Both the samples were approved by my customers.Mr Quintano loaded 1 container from Tampa,FL and chose a very long

and curcuitous shipping route via Pacific Ocean to India rather than through Atlantic Ocean so that the consignee could not

receive the shipment in the usual 22 days or 1 month period,hence would not be able to raise alarms about the quality.

He pressed me to go ahead with a second shipment from Tampa,FL.which i did,still in the dark about the merchandise quality.

He began pressing me for a third shipment,by which time the 2 custors received their consignments and began pressing me

for a claim to refund,one of them even threatened to reexport the container.

I received more samples from him,and tested them on cash registers and they failed to print at all.

After doing investigations through other suppliers i found out that Quality control firms had certified the

paper unfit for any printing use.

Mr Quintano was in the know about the unworthiness of paper all along and used my relationship and trust in him

to defraud me.

Till date,Mr Quintano has not admitted to any wrong doing and has not made any move to refund the money.

He still insists that the customers should have exercised due diligence and should have asked for more samples.

Please beware of this company and don't deal with Lou Quintano or his son Tim Quintano.

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