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Brilliant Skin Serum

Country United States
State California
City Lake Forest
Address 25422 Trabuco Road Ste 105-308
Phone 866-231-2199

Brilliant Skin Serum Reviews

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  • Dec 8, 2015

First off, I should have recognized the bogus direction this would take me. A picture of Ellen Degeneres crying online, along with another of Oprah. Upon going to this site, there appeared to be incredible advertisement, including the main endorsement of these products...The Great & terrible Dr. Oz.

Pictures of many celebrities, having used this skin care got my attention. There were "before" and "afters"also of everyday users. There were also testimonials of the amazing miracle skin care, destined to heal all skin care ills, with the claim that it would offer results amazing enough to replicate botox in appearance. I needed skin care.

It emphatically stated in print "free trial offer" amounting to $4.95. Of course the terms & conditions were in absolute tiny print found somewhere almost hidden on the site. It did NOT say the companies were separate. It also did NOT make clear that these "free" trial offers (postage only) would be SEPARATE charges! When I checked my credit card statement, I was actually charged twice! In amounts much larger than stated on the site!! What the claim says is a total of "$109"(postage included) I was charged 1. $85.97 and 2. 89.97 I did receive the small "trial" product, however I did NOT even receive the actual beginning product I was charged for.

I really smelled the skunk when several times I tried to contact the company, the "mailbox was full" Are you kidding? Don't be duped by these people. They are LIARS and DECEIVERS.

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  • Jun 6, 2016

Yes--a scam!

I was just scammed as well. I immediately canceled the credit card that I used to buy the product, so that I won't be charged again. I will also try to contact the company to cancel the "subscription", but this is totally a scam. Shame on you Dr. Oz.

  • Jul 25, 2016

Shame on you Ellen!

If Ellen is truly allowing this company to use her name I have lost respect for her! I just sent an email to the Ellen show and I plan on sharing this on my Facebook and I plan on telling anyone that will listen!!! I contacted the company and they are only willing to give me 1/2 of my money back because I didn't call and let them know that I didn't want the products after 14 days! This was not clear when I ordered the products in the beginning!!!

  • Sep 8, 2016


This company is a ripoff. I did not realize I had a 14 day trail before I would be charged for the full amount. Life happened and time went by. I called 3 weeks after the product arrived and complained the product was making my skin peal. I was told that I was still responsible for the cost and I would have to pay the full amount of $175. Wow!!! from $10 to $175 is a ripoff. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

  • Dec 21, 2016

This company is a scam and will steal your card info and charge it at random

I have never even heard of this company before today. I checked my bank account and found they had charged my card twice for a couple of hundred dollars. How they got my card number, I don't know. But this company is complete crap. I am fighting for my money back now

  • Jan 8, 2016

On 10/28/15 I purchased a "free sample" of Brilliant skin cream and Serum. All I had to do is pay the shipping of $4.27 and $5.34. Funny thing, the products came in the same box. I admit, I guess I didn't read the fine print which says you must cancel within 14 days.

I received my credit card bill which had the 4.27 and 5.34 charges on it. But it also had 2 other charges on it of $97.04 for 11/11/15. That's $97.04 2X. These charges were put on my bill exactly 14 days from the day I ordered. Then I got my December statement on 12/11 15 and it again had $97.04 charged 2 times.

I called the phone number on my statement (there were 5 different numbers) and I spoke with Shondra on 12/17/15. I told her I didn't realize how much they were going to charge for their product and I simply couldn't afford it since I am on Social Security. She told me since I had already received my shipment and I didn't cancel within 14 days I could ship it back with RMA numbers, which she gave me. One for the cream and one for the serum. She told me they were different companies. Confusing, they came in the same box and are packaged the same, well ok???

I sent it back as a return to sender since I hadn't ordered it and didn't want it. I did write the RMA #s on the outside of the box as instructed. It was returned back to me. So I called one of the numbers on my statement again and got an agent named Eric Wright and told him my story again. He said that he saw the RMA's in my account notes and advised me to return them again and put the RMA's on the box. Then he told me I needed to call a seperate phone number for the Serum, which was 866-231-2199. I called that number and was put on hold and then given the option of having them call me back, which I did. I few minutes later my phone rang and it was a familiar voice. I asked him for his name, as I always do, and he said Eric. I said Eric Wright? He seemed rather surprised. I told him that I had just spoken with him and he gave me this number. I reminded him of some of our conversation where I told him that he needs to get into another line of business, since I didn't know how he could sleep at night. Then he said "I must have given you my number by mistake" I said ok Eric, I'm onto this switch.

I asked him about my refund and he said I would only get a refund on the December charges since the November charges are for the original product I received.

THAT'S RIGHT, LADIES. Your "free sample" is really your first months order. I wondered why the free samples were so generous. You aren't going to get your money back since you've already used that product. There was NO free sample, you paid shipping on your first order. So it doesn't matter whether you cancel within the 14 days, they are going to charge you for that first order anyway.

I would like to know if there are any Attorneys out there that would like to get together a CLASS ACTION SUIT on this sham, rip off. There are plenty of other women out there that have posted to this site that would like to join. Rip Off companies like this need to be stopped!!!

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  • Oct 24, 2015

This company is out to scam custumers. If you order the "free trial" you will be charged $89.85 for each, cream and serum after 14 days (and the clock starts ticking when you place the order not when you receive it). You will then be automaticaly enrolled in a monthly subscription, which comes with an automatic deduction of your bank account for a total of $180 a month.

To confuse you, the company has set up dual structure. To cancel, you will have to call the skin-cream subcompany and the serum subcompany company separately. Each, of course, has its own hold-times. You will have separate charges for the cream and the serum, which you will have to cancel separately. Ok, so cancellation of the subscription is not too hard. But make sure you request an email confirmation to prevent further charges for each.

Now on to the hard part: returning the unopened/unused products for a refund. I have looked for other complaints about this service and the process seems to be always the same. However, not every customer is tenatious enough to see it through to the end for a full refund.

1. You call 1(877)281-8650 to return the cream:

a. You do not get far with them, but they offer graciously, to cancel the subscription and further charges.

b. If you do not ask for an email confirmation of the cancellation, consider your subscription NOT cancelled and your account will be continuously charged $180 per month.

2. You call 1(877)230-7895 to return the serum:

a. After some back-and-forth, the representative offers to cancel your subscription and issues you a return authorization (RMA number). Make sure you persist on not paying $9.95 restocking fee (it is not in their policy).

b. You recieve email confirmations for both, the cancellation for the subscription and the return authorization.

3. Then you call 1(877)281-8650, the cream subcompany back and ask why you could return the serum but not the cream. They will reply with the standard answers:

terms & condition of the initial order;

the right for a refund within 14 days from the initial trial order;

Terms & Conditions Refund Policy, item 4. "We reserve the right to refuse a refund to any customer who repeatedly requests refunds or who, in our judgment, requests refunds in bad faith".

they will graciously offer you a small refund, anywhere from $34 to $68

However, while doing a transaction with a company who is registered to do business within the U.S., you are entitled to a refund for a product, returned in its original condition, up to 30 days after purchase.

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  • Jan 15, 2016

I ordered a free trial with shipping charge of $9.70 however they charged $5.39 and $4.31 separately ?

It was a gift for my wife.

She started using it after the shippment had arrived.

Three days later, her skin started showing severe rush with pain.

She discontinued using a product immediately.

Meanwhile I realized that the company was charging me $97.94 twice.

I called company and found out that I have to call two separate numbers.

First number,!(877)498-0233, I waited for about 55 minutes. The custoer service rep. refused to give me a refund but agreed to cancell my SUBSCRIPTION. The second number,(866)231-2199, it took 38 minutes to reach customer service.

This second customer service rep agreed to cansel my subscription and agreed to give me back $44.88.

Their advertisement says "FREE TRIAL" at first.

The company took a total of $205.58 from my account.

I Hope the company will refund $44.88 as the second customer rep promissed me over the phone.

I feel terrible to my wife who is still suffering of skin irritation and I am staarting new year 2016 with negative $205.58.

If anyone is conducting a class action lawsuit, I am in !

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  • Jul 20, 2016

Beware of the brilliant skin cream, they send you full size and then a week after with no notice they take 99 out of your account 2x

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  • Apr 4, 2016

This company bites.

I can't even find a rating sufficiently low to measure my contempt for the egregious business practices of this company. I'm on board for a class action suit for sure!!!HT7

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  • Oct 30, 2018

This company refuses to delete account info and continues to withdraw funds without authorization. informs client that they send email to client and if client opens that email, they automatically renew account and give them permission to ship at their convenience while immediately withdrawing funds from client bank, utilizing bank/ credit info previously provided. BUYER BEWARE.


Never attempt to do business with this bunch of theives/ crooks/ liars.

  • Dec 6, 2017

I did NOT authorize two charges of $92.00 on Nov. 15 or Nov. 29 to PCM BRILLIANT SKIN and KECOMMR*BUYUPHORIA and I am disputing those charges.

Unfortunately, I fell victim to a deceptive product advertising scam on Facebook on Nov. 15 when I responded to an ad for a face cream and an eye serum. The Facebook ad led me to a form to fill out, including my billing information to purchase one-month samples of the cream and serum for, respectively $4.95 and $5.97, which I was charged with no problem. As a generally savvy consumer, I checked for any conditions or subscriptions and did not see anything of the sort.

My receipts, attached, do not mention anything about a “subscription” or “trial offer.” In fact, they say, Thank you again for your purchase of Luster Eye Serum” and “Thank you again for your purchase of Luster Age Defying Cream.”

Nothing in the packaging OR THE FACEBOOK AD mentioned a “subscription service,” nor do I recall having to click on any such terms of agreement to complete the purchase. (Contrary to what they say, the ad DID NOT redirect to their web page, which does have a terms of agreement). The person I spoke to on the phone on Nov. 29 confirmed that the company had canceled their Facebook ad because it was problematic and unclear.

In any case, I was under the impression that I had purchased the product with no further obligation … until today when I checked my accounts to find that on Nov. 29 that I was hit with two charges of $92.99 EACH for the same products I had already received … NOT for additional products, but for the same products that they had already thanked me for completing my purchase.

(I am familiar with subscription purchasing services, and have used them, and am fully cognizant of when I am joining one and how to cancel. This was never presented as such in the Facebook ads and forms that I filled out).

I spent about an hour on the phone arguing with them until they posted two unsatisfactory refunds of $46.49 each, with me being very clear on the point that I was not satisfied and would not be with anything other than a full refund because I NEVER AUTHORIZED THE CHARGES. I did not agree at any point that I had authorized the charges, while they continued to insist that I had. Since we were never going to be in agreement, I said they could process the refunds but I would continue to dispute the actual authorization of the charges.

I did not authorize these two charges of $92.99 and I am DISPUTING the difference between the total $92.99 they have agreed to refund (through two pending refunds of $46.49 each) and the total amount of $185.98. So, in other words, there is still a total of $92.99 in dispute ($46.49 of each order).

  • Aug 5, 2017

I ordered Brilliant Skin from the interent by the time I received it ans started to use it It took a few days and i started to break out.. I called the company but they said I had to call within 14 days or ordering.. I explained it took 3 days to receive and I didnt start using till the 4the day.. at first It seemed OK .. then I started to break out by the time I called it was 17 days after purchase. they would not refund my money and the credit card comapny said I had to pay it..

  • Feb 21, 2017

I ordered the product and well you have to order two other products it does not give you the option to pass on them. Was charged for all three products and then again last night 2/19/17 was charged another 89.00. I called to cancel and the lady was very very rude and would not refund the 89.00 at all. It is a huge scam and rip off!

  • Jan 31, 2017

When i bought this sample, i made myself clear that i did not want any furthur charges. this was to be a sample only. called co. and talked with Sunny and made myself clear that i did not authorize any debit card charges except 4.99 shipping for sample...

  • Jan 23, 2017

I ordered Youth Renew from Brilliant Skin under the impression that I was only paying shipping and handling charges. They have charged my checking account $89.00 three times! I want a refund!! I have not opened the cream and would be happy to return it! These people are crooks! They should not be allowed lie and rip off their customers. Please help!

  • Dec 21, 2016

What a bullshit company

This company is complete shit. They somehow got my card information and charged me a couple of hundred dollars in the last couple days. I have never even heard of them before now, and now I'm fighting to get my money back. What a complete joke, scam, bullshit. Do not have anything to do with these guys!!!!!!!

And be vigilant about checking your bank account. Had I not looked today, I wouldn't have caught those charges and been able to contest them so fast.

Sorry for the language you guys, but seriously, FUCK THIS COMPANY.

  • Oct 25, 2016

Beware completely scam!

I happened to me over three month ago. I purchased something from Amazon, then popped up this link, free sample for new brilliant face cream. It appeared to be a bonus as I made a purchase from Amazon. I was so wrong. I took the bail and got scammed. It first said only $4.95 for shipping, twice, then charged $89 something (twice) on my card, then I called the number from my receipt. Wrong number. No one answered. Then I called my credit card to stop the payment. They could not stop it. One month later I got two $94 something charges to my card again. On the same day I received a small package that has two little bottles. No return adresss no receipt. i was totally panic. Called the number on the card charge, finally got some lady on the phone. No I cannot return the package because it's a warehouse. I cancelled the membership. But I could not get any money back for what have been charged. How can someone do business like this? It doesn't make sense at all.

  • Oct 24, 2016

One more on the class action bus!

really too bad there isn't a rating lower than 1 star,

  • Aug 1, 2016

Total scam-0 rating

This is total scam Serum not worth it

  • Apr 4, 2016

I was actually realy loving this cream along with the eye seum trial at $4.95 until I got another withdrawl from my account--not amonth later but 2weeks later....realy 2weeks.

$89.95 for the skin cream and another $84.95 for the eye serum.

I would have kept useing it being that fact that it seemed to be a pretty good product. If I would have gotten a notice and had an option to not be paying out so much every month let alone another payment in two weeks. No one uses that much cream in asghort amount of time.

Do not fall for this. There are other companies with good products that won't stick you with a surpirse payment after such a short time and will also allow you to recieve there product every 3 months if you would like.

Huge scam!

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