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Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Phone 240-382-3332
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  • Aug 1, 2016

So I was interested in a Yorkie as mine was recently hit by a car and killed and I had her for ten years, I was devastated. I found this site and the puppies were lower prices than most, great. So I asked Ndikui Mackenzie how I was sure I was going to actually get a puppy once I paid and he said read the reviews of the site and so I did. I found the one on here posted by a man as the only negative thing on the internet about this site and so I called and asked him about it, he said it had been resolved and that the seller paid the additional insurance as requested and that he received the puppy and was a satisfied customer. I trusted him and went ahead after he promised me the additional insurance the gentleman on this site talked about would not be requested. Guess what? It was, in the same amount of $970.

I tried to pay it actually after he promised me the shipping costs would be refunded at pick up but I'm guessing it's a family member with a fake id bc western union was soooo unsure of this man who the shipping was to be paid through said this person was not a real person and had never picked up money gram or western union (when I called them after) and that they felt it was a scam and would not send the money for me.

Long story short as soon as I called back the number 240-382-3338 to tell him this he stopped taking my calls and I never got the Yorkie puppy or my money back. Total scammer and dirt bag, do not do business with this website. Think about it, a Yorkie with FREE shipping all for $550? Yup it's too good to be true. I later the same day found a Yorkie puppy for sale an hour away for $1200 and went and picked her right up with no issues.

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  • Aug 25, 2016

They Got Me

If I ever find these thieves I'm gonna wip $550 dollars out of their ass. We caught their game and didn't pay insurance they were wanting, but they did get us for price of puppy that we sent through western union. I called (240) 382-3332

MD, USA and asked them to either send the dog free of charge or send the money back. The guy told me 3 times that his wife would call me back about paying the flight insurance for us, but she never called. If I had the money and knew where were located exactly. I would go give them a good Old Fashion TN. Ass wuppen.

Somebody get a $kitty together and I will put a stop to these low life sumbitches.

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