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Brightstar Corporation

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 9725 NW 117th Ave, #105
Phone (305) 421-6000

Brightstar Corporation Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2019

I purchased a new iPad to upgrade to new features not available on the one I had. Since my old one was still in good working order, Apple referred me to Brightstar as a trade-in company.

After getting an online appraisal of a $70 trade-in value, I followed the steps for removing all contents from the old iPad and shippped it as instructed to the company. It still was in good working order at this time but was just a duplicate device taking up space in my home.

On receiving it, Brightstar informed me that the value had changed from $70 to 0, with no explanation of the reason for the ridiculous change in value. They asked me to choose whether I accept or reject the new estimate, saying a rejection would generate a return of the item to me.

  • Jan 17, 2018

I have been paying for BrightStar Device Protection for over 2 years through extra monthly cell phone payments. When my phone broke in October of 2016, I ordered a new phone, it took until December 10th to be delivered BROKEN. It took over 20 calls to this company to even receive the USED phone that I paid $189. THAT I NOW KNOW CAN BE BOUGHT ON AMAZON FOR $50. They sent me ANOTHER USED phone in January, again the phone was broken, APPLE support confirmed I was sent a broken phone.


DON'T USE VIRGIN MOBILE, there customer service told me I had used the broken phone in Novemnber and would not reimburse my charge. HOW COULD I USE A BROKEN PHONE. THEY DID NOT CARE THAT IT TOOK 3 MONTHS FOR ME TO RECEIVE ANOTHER USED BROKEN PHONE.

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