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Bright Yorkies

Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Phone 240-382-3332

Bright Yorkies Reviews

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  • Sep 12, 2016 is now it's the same people just a different name don't order from them.

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  • Aug 3, 2016

Fake website. All names associated with company were foreign first names. Website has many spelling errors. No answer at phone number. Money for dog was sent western union , flypet express requested money gram. Western union money was picked up in Washinton DC , sent to Baltimore Maryland.

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  • Aug 12, 2016

I found this company on the internet while looking for teacup Yorkies and this website had the cutest pictures on it. I email the site and they said that the puppies where she available. The puppies where not as expensive as I had found but in their website they said that they are only a small time breeder. They only charge for what it costs them and they ship free as they have coupons for free shipping.

The website looks very proffesional, in fact they even have some testimomial from several people and their dogs. They took my payment (of course) and then telling me that their assistant had just dropped the puppy off and the travel company would be in contact with me. At this point I thought that this was still a reputable company. That was to change very quickly.

The Fly-Pet Express comapny sent an email with a government law that just went into effect in the last 7 days and that they needed insurance beause the puppy was so small, the airline would not take it unless it had the required paperwork. They sent a copy of the invoice and wanted another $970.00 with a refund as soon as the dog was picked up. I know what you are thinking how stupid can some people be but I really was looking forward to getting that puppy. We had just lost a dog within the last couple of months and I was feeling the loss.

After sending them the money they said that it would be on the next flight was up. Back came an email stating that it was a new law, and if we wanted the puppy we would need to pay the amount requested. I told them I had some concerns with this company and they assured me that they were a well know company and they have used them in the past. In fact I sent an email the Fly-Pet Express and they said not to worry they were a legit company. Of course they would say that as they were working together with Bright Yorkies. After that there was no more emails from Bright Yorkies. In fact the shipping company them sent an email requesting another $740.00 for a special crate for the puppy.

I have email both of these companies and they are working together and have asked for refunds from both. Bright Yorkies have a 100% refund guarantee on their website, and of course I was going to receive a refund from Fly-Pet Express as well. Have requested refunds from both of these companies and have not heard back from edither. This is a total ripoff and we as consumers need to stand up against these companies.

This has been the most unpleasant experience that I have encountered. To go from looking for a new puppy to realizing that the companies were nothing but a fraud. It goes to show that thier are people who will take advantage of people for small things not just for your life sving. In both of these companies they had very nice websites and a lor of infomation for the consumer. I am going forward with this to see if I can in any stop these kinds or people.

  • Aug 12, 2016

My sister and I ordered yorkies from this person you get two for 800 dollars. we sent the deposit and we're told we will receive our dogs when the rest was paid. I sent all of my money and still no dog. when you call it's always my wife is sending it out today. today turns into tomorrow smh. ndikuf mackenzie is a rip off. I told this man that it was a birthday gift for my daughter he sent a video of the dog I wanted and everything. now when I call my number is blocked smh I pray god have mercy on his soul.

  • Aug 11, 2016

I contacted this company regarding a yorkie named joyce, after a bad feeling, i noticed they specified cash option money order so i asked myself what is my protection as a buyer since it will not be directly with a bank or credit card, i did some research to the company and its all a scam. first off no address is provided just city and state and no name of owner. when i did my research i found that joyce had been sold already to another person that never receivednit back in june. the scam is they ask for more money once they state the puppy has arrived which is all a lie there is no puppies, i asked for further information ask for a vets name to verify puppies info and that a puppy indeed does exsist. the reply was that that they where a vet assistant who did all the procedures for puppies, please be ware that a vet assistant may not perform any procedure for a dog without a licensed vet who keeps record of everything its illegal,.so all the red flags came up when i got no information, after all the research there is multiple people they have done this too, which is said because it broke my daughters heart. get a job people, stop ripping off people that truly do work for there money and make the sacrifice to buy these puppies. i quickly canceled the money order and i noticed that everyone has different owner names mine was embaj jacob.

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO HIM THEM THIS WEBSITE, im glad my gut instinct let me know not only that they specified a couple of times cash only which you are unable to ask for money back because its not like a bank or credit card where you can dispute the charges, so ask for a vets information if they do give you one call them and get a license number dont let them tell you other wise a vet assistant cannot perform these procedures on his own. Good luck to everyone if i can help anyone let me know im willing to file a report this makes me so sick.

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