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Bridgegate Pictures

Country United States
State Arizona
City Laguna Niguel
Address 30251 Golden Lantern
Phone 647.834.0794

Bridgegate Pictures Reviews

  • Mar 13, 2021

After borrowing money roughly 3 years ago and not repaying Bridgegate Pictures Corp. changes their name to GBX International so they can continue ripping off investors. this company is over 2 million dollars in debt on well past due loans, the $2,000,000 does not include interest or promieed penalties.

This companies former CEO Guy Griffithe has stipulated to a settlement agreement with the SEC after being charged civily by the SEC in January of 2020 case no 8:20-cv-00124 in the central district of California Santa Ana.

By stipulation Guy Scott Griffithe (D.O.B 6-2-79) CANNOT DENY the allegations against him set forth in the SEC Complaint in a public forum. Griffithe entered into this stipulation rather than supply the requested discovery that :

1). would have unequivocally proved the FRAUD that he perpetuated on the public (selling non existant securities/shares of interest to the tune of 4.85 million):

2) required Griffithe to supply the banking records for his businesses such as Renewable Technologies Solutions inc., GAP, and others, these bank records show Griffithe using these accounts for personal use as well as wiring monies to Robert Russell of Duvall Washington, Greg Schneider of San Diego Ca., Lorrie Vercoe of San Diego Ca., and many others involved in this fraudulent scheme.

3). Would have required Griffithe to supply authorities copies of all the "PHONY" worthless contracts he supplied to investors.

The biggest question in all this is will the SEC allow this con artist to continue to con the general public with his scams in the future or make a refferal to the FBI and DOJ for criminal prosecution.

Additionally shortly after filing his personal bankruptcy Griffithe borrowed over $50,000 from a friend of his that is now past due, when this female friend stopped by Griffithe'e hiding spot to request repayment of the loan, Griffithe had his 19 year old son assault her, then filed assault charges on her.

Not suprising knowing the coward that Griffithe is, so in short be very cautious as to any business dealings you are encouraged to enter into with Griffithe and or the named businesses, or anybody else tied to Griffithe.

This is going to make a great utube video, maybe even a book!

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