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Country United States
State California
City Dana Point
Address 33672 Big Sur Street
Phone : 714-606-5026

BRICKFENCE / Karl Suazo Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2018

There is a new kind of scam on the rise and eBay supports it 100% through their policies, So, consumer be aware of it!

His name is Karl Suazo and his eBay ID name is BRICKFENCE. He conducts computer repair business from his house in Dana Point, California. He will ONLY do business through eBay, since eBay's policies support what he does.

This is how it works:

This guy will put an ad on eBay under "Service and Repair", as he knows that eBay does NOT provide any money back guarantee under that category. He will also put "NO RETURNS, NO REFUND..." in his ad.

So, when a customer comes across his ad, they have to purchase his services IN ADVANCE. In other words, YOU PAY FIRST! Then, he will ask you to send the item (motherboard, logic board, etc.) to his place in Dana Point, California. In other words, YOU PAY FOR SHIPPING ALSO. Once, he gets your item, he waits a week and then send it back WITHOUT REPAIRING.

Of course, when you get it back, it will NOT work. So, you write an email to him saying that it’s not fixed and doesn't work. He will either not response or simply gives you BS. You will ask for your money and he will mention that, according to his policies/contract, there is NO REFUND, however, he offers 3 months of warranty on his repairs.

Since, you are stuck and are out of 100s of dollars, you take a chance and ship the item back to him. Same thing happens again. Meaning, he will keep your item for a week and then send it back WITHOUT REPAIRING. Now you have paid shipping cost twice.

Obviously, you will be upset and will call eBay or open a "Return" case. Ebay will decide the case in his favor, based on his and eBay policies and you are out of hundreds of dollars, while he is sitting there and laughing at you and eBay!

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