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Brett Rutecky

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Minersville

Brett Rutecky Reviews

  • May 31, 2020

Brett Revecky

If I could give no stars it would be for this guy! What a rude, arrogant, disgusting, vile man!

I questioned something about my purchase and was hit with a horrible human being.

I suggest you avoid this mans products, whatever he’s sellin DO NOT BUY!! If you need any customer service by him it isn’t worth the money your givin over!

  • Jan 22, 2019

It is with deep regret that I must inform you that Mr. Brett Rutecky is continueing to operate his internet marketing ventures unethically andseemingly fraudulently. Evidence has been presented to me that Brett iv s continuing to steal leads and emails from email marketing software that he sells and has had his recent product launch shut down due to numerous complaints, including alleged false claims. This has led to several pending coplaint filings with the Federal Trade Commission and pending complaints with more than one Attorney Geral's offices.

I am part of a small private consortium of internet marketers that is dedicated to promoting ethical standards in our industry. Most internet marketers work hard to bring value and results with their products and training. Unfortunately, there are some that will take advantage of the uninformed.

As reported before on this forum, it is a matter of record that Brett Rutecky operates under aliases and has committed fraud in the past.


It is unknown how many additional aliases are used by Mr. Rutecky. Brett Rutecky's criminal history can be viewed at the following location

At least one of our consortium members never received a promised refund when requested. Not sure how often this takes place but has also been reported as a problem on this forum in the past. We have also received reports that he has not paid affiliates that have promoted some of his products, but these claims have not been substantiated yet.

If you choose to do business with Mr. Rutecky I encourage you to proceed with great caution. Get any agreements in writing and have your attorney review that agreement. You can also monitor some complaints on the FTC web portal.

It is our hope that Mr. Rutecky will improve his business practices and one day become a more ethical and trusted player in the internet marketing community.

Of course, we all have a responsibility to do our due diligence whenever making any financial decisions or when making any purchases. I was urged to write this report by our consortium members and attempted to be fair and accurate with the facts provided. We have no personal vendetta against Mr. Rutecky but felt it our duty to reveal important information in a public fashion on an appropriate forum.

  • Feb 19, 2018

I liked Brett R., and followed his reviews of new products in the Internet Marketing space. Bought a number of products just to get his bonuses. Realized that I never received the bonuses for the last affiliate product that Rutesky had promoted. In fact, when I did some research, I discovered that I had received NO bonuses from him for any products he had promoted. I emailed him to ask for the bonus for the last product - purchased about a week ago. There was always quite a competition among affiliates for new sales, but I believed in Brett, the products he'd created and was giving away as bonuses. Imagine my surprise then, when I sent him proof of my purchases and requested the bonus promised and he flatly refused. There was no apology, but an insult.

I asked him why his bonus was not available on JVZOO, unlike most other affiliate bonuses. "Why can’t we obtain your bonuses directly from JVZOO or WarriorPlus? Having to write in like this is not so convenient and a little time-consuming," He responded: You can, in fact my bonus video specifically said that the bonus would be in JVZoo and that it would ONLY be in JVZoo until the countdown timer for the bonus period expired, and that after that it would not be available. What is inconvenient is frankly your lack of ability to follow instructions (that everyone else was able to). Hope that is clear :) Brett As a loyal customer, I was shocked by his response and his sarcastic tone.

Surely he could be flexible, especially since I had purchased 3 products that he was an affiliate for (with an OTO for one) primarily because of his bonus offer. I wrote him again, thinking that he could not be this cold and inflexible to a good customer. Instead of apologizing for his sarcasm and inflexibility, he doubled down: Brett Rutecky (Support) Feb 19, 00:13 EAT The right thing here is to stick to my word and do exactly what I said I would do, and I am doing the right thing here, I am sticking to my word and doing exactly what I said. And your right there is a finite number of people who trust me .. and they trust me because they know I will ALWAYS DO WHAT I SAY.

My response is not sarcastic however what is disappointing is your attitude which somehow blames me for your unwillingness to follow very simple instructions that everyone else did. Your right about one thing, you will never purchase another product from me again, I have no time or patience for people like you: You have been blacklisted from future purchases, reported to every vendor as a problem buyer, and any bonuses I offer will not apply to you. Future emails from you will be deleted without being opened. Goodby, Brett So, because I was asking for a bonus I'd paid for multiple times, he was offended by my request and he was determined to teach me a lesson by blackballing me with other Internet Marketing people? WTF?

Did I ever have this guy wrong! He is an arrogant, greedy jerk with no clue about decent customer service. He pretends to be there for the little guy who needs his big-time help, but if you don't watch his sales video to the end and take notes, you're out of luck. I suppose the fewer people who manage to get his bonuses the less support he'll have to provide. He is a mean-spirited moron who's managed to parlay his programming skills into a tidy business bringing him 6 figures a year. I've been buying Internet Marketing material for some time and have NEVER encountered anyone who deserved the title of p****/a**hole/ripoff artist like Brett Rutecky. Avoid him at all costs.

He took my money and then denied me his bonuses and to top it off, says I'm the bad guy and I should be penalized for asking. I guess he's like a mini-Trump - a con man who lives in his own reality. He does not deserve to have loyal customers - he does not give a d**n about them once he's banked his commission.

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