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BreadVillage Reviews

  • May 19, 2020

3 German Pretzel Roll packages had rolls with green mold !!! Opened them after immediate freezing on arrival as instructed.

Response from CEO outrageous

Hello Tobias,

I saw your 1 star review. Since you are so unforgiving, we will return the favor.

Here are the rules: We ask customers in big bold letters to INSPECT BREAD UPON ARRIVAL AND EMAIL US IMMEDIATELY WITH PHOTOS, IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS. This message can be found on all confirmation emails, on the packing slip, and in the shipping terms. It is impossible to miss. Just look at the email below.

You – on the other hand – received your bread Apr 29 and waited three weeks to notify us. Imagine receiving Amazon Fresh and complaining three weeks later: You know as well as I do that this doesn’t fly.

We ask people to act on arrival day, so that we have some hard facts to work with. Because there are people who simply neglect to freeze the bread. Anything turns moldy, if you live it sitting outside. If people complain weeks after arrival day, like you, we cannot distinguish the one from the other. We are not responsible for spoilage caused by people neglecting the product.

So this one is squarely on you, because you failed to follow obvious and easy rules.

Here’s the more likely scenario: YOU caused the green mold, by negligently failing to freeze the bread upon arrival. But of course you will never admit that. Then you complain 3 weeks later and try to blame it on the vendor. Your lack of respect is right there.

Thank you,BreadVillage:

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