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Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 7900 E Union Avenue, Suite 1005-A
Phone 800-531-1472

BoostMyScore.NET Reviews

  • Aug 8, 2017

The information proved to you about is my personal opinion after speaking with Gregory K. Brill, I called their company to get information about buying trade lines and asked if there were any written quarantine and I was told that there was. when I asked to see a copy of the contract things started to so south really fast. they would not send me a copy of the contract till I make them a payment (Wait? I have to pay you for a service that you say has a written quarantine but in order to see the so called written quarantine I have to pay you first) Well that do not sound like a good ideal to me, they wanted me to take my money into a Bank Of America and put it into their account and wait to get the contract then wait another 4 to 6 weeks for the so called trade Lines to post to my account. (Now when you buy a car you get the read the contract or if you get a credit card you get to read the contract before you sign so why oh why would I give you my money in a way that I could NEVER get it back without reading the so call contract.) Now I can not tell you what to do but I will NEVER do business with such a company that I call a rip off

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