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BookBlastPRO, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Murrieta
Address 25220 Hancock Ave #300
Phone 888-504-0951

BookBlastPRO, Inc. Reviews

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  • Mar 18, 2018

Don't use them

In July I was contacted by Bookblast Pro, wanting to republish my novel. After numerous conversations I decided to give them a shot. Within two weeks I knew that this was not a good fit and per the contract I informed them by three different emails and left two phone messages as well. I called and left messages with several persons to contact me but to no avail. Finally in late September I received a call telling me that they did not have the funds available to refund at that time. They asked me to be patient, which I was. I called in October and was told that the financial director would call me soon, this never happened. This happened in November and December during several different calls. Finally, in January I was able to speak with the Financial Director who informed me he would have to look into the situation. I should look for either a call or an email in the future. After 3 weeks I called several times and all I can do is leave a voice message and they do not return the call. These actions are both highly unprofessional and pretty much criminal, to take someone's money and not return it per the contract. Do not deal with them!

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  • Dec 22, 2017

Tree years ago I finished writing my book. I went to Xlibris Publishers at 1663 Liberty Dr. Bloomington, IN 47403 888-795-4274. They ripped me off of about $5,000.00. On Jan, 1st my book would have been on the market for 4 yrs. Hadf a problem with my ROYALTIES. In 4 years I only sold 9 books. I don't think so.

So I decided to find another publisher, So with all my wisdom I went back online and googled publishers. (THAT"S HOW I GOT XLIBRIS) "I NEVER LEARN". I paid $600.00 for their BASIC PACKAGE. It took a couple of months when finally the book was republished. I received my 10 FREE COPIES. That was about Oct. When I first contacted the they would be intouch by phone or email at least once a week. Since I recieved the books I only received my book I was only contacted twice. Today I went online to find out what was going on. It seems like the website was gone. You know how WAITING TO CONNECT, Well I've been waiting a couple of hours. I just checked again and it's still waiting.

When that didn't work I tried to call them. I called the number that I had for them, but the REAL PROPERTY RENTAL EXPRESS. That's when I figured that I was scammed again. I'll be 67 next month, anb this is about the third time this happened. I'm on SSI disability. I'm also a disabled Viet Nam US Marine Veteran. "THIS IS KNOW WAY TO TREAT A VETERAN". The Publisher is:


25220 Hancock Avenue #300

Murrieta, California 94562

Phone number that I have is: 888-405-0951 Website:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

I don't what can be done. After January 1st I think I'll contact the FBI. It's not the first time I sent them a complaint, and it probably won't be the last.

Robert A Fedak

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  • Oct 28, 2017

A representative named Tom Marshall contacted me in June to set up a means for me to particiapte in the NYC book fair event in September. I paid 266.33 for three months totaling 799.00 to present my book at the event. I was never contacted to set up the details for my participation.

When I contacted the firm and their representative I was told that something had prevented them from being able to follow through with the agreement they made with me. I requested a refund of funds I submitted and they indicated that they would send it to me once they approved it through their finance division.

Upon calling them back to see where they where with regard to my refund they would not answer my phone calls. I left messages for three hours and never got a response. I even went so fall as to threaten, cuss, and shout my discontent.

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  • Dec 9, 2017

on the 8th September I was contacted by a representative of Bookblast Pro wanting to republish my book. after many phone calls he convinced me to sign a contract to republish. Two weeks later the same representative began pressuring me to take out a marketing plan which cost one thousand dollars a month. Ted, promising transparency and value for money and also that I would be in complete control of being able to cancel and get a refund any time. I began to get worried at the lack of action and the tasks completed re my book. I ended up having to pay another thousand dollars to a private contractor to design a cover as the covers provided by their team were so badly and amateurish. I spoke to Ted Kennedy about my concerns, he just tried to convince me they were good. On the 27 Th October I first wrote complaining that I had grave concerns and wanted to cancel the contract for marketing, and get a refund. Since then I have written 5 emails asking for a refund and to cancel the contract. I have spoken to a customer service member Kaiden, who also promised to call me back and didn’t then finally called me a week later, saying he was investigating. It seems this company has no schedule of tasks in their marketing, they just take the money and run. I emailed again saying I was cancelling the book publishing contract as well as the marketing plan and wanted a refund. I feel sincerely they are stalling, because there is a clause in their contracts that is relevant to time of cancellation and money refunded. The longer they can draw it out the less money I am paid. I asked them to clearly state services provided in a list, I received a reply that they had completed internal galleys (text) check and layout and the cover of the book. I pointed out they didn’t even do the cover -I did. I have been charged, 09.September.2017 $316.55au 28th September 2017 $1,261.86au 10th October 2017 $299.30 a total of $1,877.72 Australian by this company. I seek to be refunded in full, and ask BBB to look into the operations of this company. I do not wish to continue with them, I feel I was unduly pressured into signing a contract and they have not provided any marketing services to date or even done a good job with the simple republishing part of the two agreements. Its bad when you pay for a service and then have to hire someone outside to re-do the work. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. The company Bookblast Pro are not replying to emails, or attempts to contact them.

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