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Bonitas Medical Fund

Country South Africa
City Johannesburg, Gauteng
Address 37 Conrad St, Florida North, Roodepoort
Phone 27 11 671 2000

Bonitas Medical Fund Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2021

For decades Bonitas Medical Fund and Medscheme, their administrators - which originally was an offshoot of Bonitas - have been withholding payments due to me amounting to +-R1 million for a decade of work performed. I am not alone: they have been hiding behind their 'scheme rules' , inter alia, for non-payment.

They have also racially targeted black practitioners with this policy, as was confirmed by the (Adv. Ngcukaitobi) Council of Medical Schemes Commission in a preliminary report dated December 2020. Lastly, they withhold payment to practitioners who refuse when they demand confidential clinical records of membrs to 'prove fraudulent claims behaviour '.

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