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Bob's Discount Furniture

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Bridgeport
Address 815 Lafayette Blvd
Phone (203) 337-5100

Bob's Discount Furniture Reviews

  • Mar 31, 2021

On January 9, 2021, I ordered approximately $3,790 worth of dining room and living room furniture from the Bob’s Discount Store in Wilmington, DE. I recently moved and delivery was scattered between February 27th and April 2nd. I received the first wave of merchandise on February 27th, which included the Scarlett Wine Server. Good thing Bob’s spends so much money on TV spots where he sits in a movie theater negotiating with their manufacturers for the best pricing and lead times.

The furniture piece was bought for $399 including the Goof Proof coverage through Guardian. This coverage is advertised to cover most issues including accidental damage. The delivery crew assembled the cabinet with both doors closed. The delivery crew was in a hurry to leave for the next delivery site. I went to use the cabinet the next week and noticed that right door did not close after opening it. I reached out to Bob’s Customer Care line to request maintenance to come out to assess the issue as this is a manufacturer’s defect. I also purchased an additional 4 years of Guardian Goof Proof coverage. After spending over an hour over text and phone calls, I finally reached some one to schedule an appointment to visit my home and the tech will assess the defect. The earliest option Customer Care provided was 3/31/21. This date is material to my complaint. Unfortunately, the wait was ridiculous.

Today, March 31st, I received multiple messages with the service window between 10:15am-12:15pm. I turned out that the tech showed up at 8:55am much earlier than Bob’s Service Tracking system with GPS had provided. This is common with Bob’s. They are either much earlier or later than the 2 or 3 hour window they provide. Make sure you do not make any plans the day Bob’s delivers or provides maintenance!

A 20-year-old gentleman shows up and brought no tools with him into my home. He takes pictures of my wine cabinet and the broken door. He calls the Customer Care representative to explain that he cannot repair the cabinet because the manufacturer discontinued making the piece and there are no replacement doors available to repair the piece. The maintenance tech handed me back my phone, left my home quickly and connected me with the Customer Care representative to review my options, or the lack thereof.

My options were to receive a full credit and they come to pick up the merchandise with no replacement offered. Take the defective piece with a 25% refund to a Bob’s Discount electronic gift card to buy another piece from a different line. I asked the representative why they could not check their store inventory to see if they could exchange with a floor model. I even asked for a refund on the Guardian Goof Proof coverage. After getting nowhere, I asked for a manager to escalate.

I spoke with Jennifer (Employee ID# 82114). Jennifer was the Customer Care Manager. I reiterated to her that I invested in several pieces from their Scarlett Dining set including a 9-piece dining room table set. The option with the full credit does nothing for me because another piece will not match this set. I asked about why she could not contact the stores for an exchange on the same item. Jennifer explained that Customer Care does not contact the stores and that I, the customer, is supposed to do that to see if the store manager would approve this. I asked Jennifer why she is so lazy and tone death that she would not remedy the situation for a customer that spent close to $4K.

Jennifer reiterated that she could not follow along with my complaints and talking points. Furthermore, I explained that the Goof Proof warranty that I paid extra for rendered useless because the manufacturer has no replacement piece or parts. For example, today the door is defective. What if a leg, tabletop, handle, or drawer break? What good is a warranty without replacement or spare parts? I demanded that Jennifer refund the value of the Goof Proof coverage then. Jennifer replied that the customer has 30 days from the date of delivery to receive a full refund on the Goof Proof warranty through Guardian. I responded with that is unacceptable and a convenient truth. In fact, I pointed out that is Bob’s fault that I had to week several weeks to schedule their 20-year-old maintenance tech to show up without tools and take a picture of my damaged wine cabinet and make a phone call.

If Bob’s Customer Care Department had better availability, I would have been within their 30-day period. Instead, Jennifer asserts that I am outside the 30-day grace period by 4 days. How convenient? I told Jennifer that is theft. It is bait and switch because I was sold an extended warranty that I will never be able to use. After complaining more, Jennifer stated that she is simply giving me the information and my options. I responded to Jennifer that will accept the 25% off the wine cabinet to remedy the defect and will file consumer complaints and a dispute claim with my bank for a refund for the extended warranty that I was misled. Jennifer is a phone warrior that did not have any intention of resolving the matter by addressing both the defect and warranty issue. Customer Service does not exist with Bob’s!

I called the sales representative from the Wilmington Store and he tried to speak to the store manager and offered now remedy. I even attempted to contact the store’s office and the phone never gets picked up. I am left with no choice but to hit social media, consumer complaint and bank charge dispute options. I tried to settle directly with Bob’s, but Jennifer and the store manager chose to strong arm. I hope it was worth it.

I demand and expect a refund for the extended warranty that I bought on the win cabinet. Essentially, I will have to hire a furniture repair person to fix the door out of my own pocket because Bob’s took my money from the warranty and ran with it. I am not making any money on this incident as Bob’s also chooses to refund via gift card, not credit back to your original tender (credit card). The 25% refund on the wind cabinet was only half of the solution. That does not resolve the warranty refund.

  • Oct 22, 2020

One month after the manufacturer warrenty expired, my sleeper sofa bed broke. I called to use the warranty and because it wasnt an accident, since I dont know why it would not fold in anymore, they said it wasnt covered. Unbelievable. If i had told them my son put a toy down in it i guess it would be. Dont buy furniture here. Hence the name. I will be putting this on other social media.

  • Mar 28, 2019

We bought our Bobs Discount Furniture sofa back in December only 3.5 months ago. We got the goof protection which was an extra $125 extra but they told us we would be covered for everything. They said the motor and switches are covered under manufacture warranty already but the goof protection would make sure everything else will be covered. The other night my side stopped from going down. STUCK IN THE UP POSITION!!!

I checked the connection and it was plugged so I made an appointment for the repair man to come. They came 6 hours early so no body was home so the next day I MISSED WORK THE NEXT DAY TO MEET THEM. Yes, I blew a day of work to get my couch fixed! It was not convenient and when the repair came, his name was Frederick was a Jamaican man, Great Repair man. He told me that the factory had zip tied the wires too high on the bar and they were rubbing on the loose frame. That is what caused the chair to stay up is because the wire wore out because the frame was loose.

He told me it was NOT how I set up the couch and that was definitely because how the factory zipped tied the wires. He also said the brackets were bent and that is why it never connected correctly. He was a great repair man and very up front and Honest. Near the end of the experience the repair man asked me to use my phone to call the office to insure my parts were in stock. He then handed me my phone back where a woman was on the line and she asked me to hold while she checks to see if the parts were in stock. The repair man had me sign on his phone while I was speaking to women. So, he snuck a way then the women come back on the phone to notify me I would need to pay $109 for the parts. I explain no I have the GOOF Insurance.

This costumer service women’s name was LAURA. She came back on the line and tells me her supervisor Miss Diana will give me 50% of my parts. I told her no because I really didn’t feel I should pay anything and that I would like to speak with her SUPERVISOR DIANA EMPLOYEE #702 was really not helpful but I decide to just go head and take the 50% off which in my mind would have been $54.50 but MISS DIANA EMPLOYEE # 702 Does different math and tells me I owe her $94.29 but she says it probably doesn’t matter because your parts wouldn’t even be here until Mid-JULY WTF That’s 4 and half MONTHS to fix my couch. HORRIBLE!!!

DON’T GO TO BOBS! So now I’m waiting to hear back from 1 of her 5 bosses. More to come. I’ll also have my full living room video tapped by surveillance cameras so I’m also going to add my Bobs Discount Furniture HORRIBLE experience to and all other social media and consumer protection services.

  • Jan 9, 2019

We bought a recliner on December 29, 2017, and was delivered on January 5, 2018. It broke in early February and, after 15 phone calls, it was fixed in March. It broke again in July, and was fixed. It broke again on December 28, 2018, but it took until January 4 to be fixed for a third time.

It then broke 36 hours later for a FOURTH time, and when I called about it, I was told I would receive an email in three days. When I didn't get the email on the fourth day, I called again and was told we are now told we are out of warranty.

This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a vendor. If you are thinking of purchasing from Bob's, RUN AWAY -- FAST.

  • Nov 28, 2018

We purchased a sleeper sofa living room set from Bob's Furniture around February of 2016 (I can provide dates if needed). When purchased, the salesman lied to us telling us that the set was a very durable set for cats in particular knowing that that was what we wanted to hear instead of directing us to a more appropriate set (which I was willing to purchase even if it cost more money). After my cat trashed the set, I had since done research and woven fabric is the worst kind of material for cats; the salesman should have directed me towards something more durable like microfiber.

What was more troubling though was that by the time I learned this, the living room set, less than a year old, was already falling apart in ways my pets had not influenced. Our first issue with it was that in store, they had just the sofa on display. We bought a sleeper for guests to stay on.

However, the bed in the sofa was seated too low in the frame, and the couch cushions would squish under the frame, leaving your legs against uncomfortable hardwood, and when you stood up, the seats would stay smashed inside of the sofa. The cushions themselves began to fail.

Bob's at our request sent a service tech out who ordered new cushions but told us there was nothing wrong with the location of the bed in the sofa and that the sofa was designed in such a way that we needed to purchase a heavy thick board to sit on top of the bed under the cushions to prevent this uncomfortable situation from occurring. We did as advised, and spend around $50 on a very thick and heavy piece of particle board from Lowes cut to fit the sofa. The board made the sofa feel like you were sitting on stone and was incredibly inconvenient and embarrassing to pull out when a guest stayed. Guests began sleeping on air mattresses negating the reasoning behind buying the sofa.

Less than a year later, the furniture degraded further. The fabric was pilling, and I would have to shave it with a sweater shaver several times a week. Then I moved a chair and the leg just simply fell off. The metal that the screw needed to seat in had somehow pushed into the hardwood and fallen into the sofa itself rendering the furniture irreparable. I once again contacted Bob's furniture, and using pictures as their investigation, they were able to determine that the set was garbage and offered me a store credit of all but the “Goof Proof” extended warranty. I accepted reluctantly but had just bought a home and needed furniture without a payment.

The problem I had in replacing the original set is that Bob’s delivery service is also a nightmare. This set I have described was estimated to be delivered between 8am- 10am. My boyfriend took the day off of work and waited. I understand things happen and deliveries get delayed, however they didn’t show up until nearly 9:30 PM. The delivery guys were a father and son, and the furniture nearly killed the out-of-shape retirement-aged father that came. He had to stop for a moment and I gave him a glass of water. He was in no way capable of effectively doing his job, hauling a sleeper sofa to the third floor of an apartment complex (that I warned the company ahead of time would be an issue), and that’s not his fault. His employer should have the sense enough not to send people who can’t lift furniture to deliver furniture. I had to instruct them on how to put together their furniture and what order because they were confused on how to do it in a small apartment. They left about an hour or so later, past my apartment complex’s quiet time. It was so dark at that point that they left tons of garbage in my apartment complex’s lawn, sidewalk and driveway and probably had no idea.

I thought that couldn’t happen again when the next delivery was scheduled for 8-11am for a second time and my boyfriend took off a day of work to wait for Bob’s once more, but sure enough when the replacement set in May 2017 was delivered the delivery guys rolled in at about 11pm, 12 hours outside of their delivery estimate with no communication whatsoever with their client. Even the guys delivering were angry at this point. They didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about their employer. Apparently Bobs then expected them to take our defective furniture to Harrisburg an hour and a half away, and the men were not going to get home until around 3am when all was said and done despite having been delivering since 8am.

I noticed one of the deliver guys was having a hard time assembling my loveseat. I guess it was having a similar problem to my old chair. The fitting for the screw wasn’t staying in. He was frustrated, I was frustrated, and neither I nor my boyfriend could take another day off just to wait until midnight for Bob’s to come again. So when the delivery guy jammed the leg on, flipped it over and said it was done, I accepted it begrudgingly. After all, I only wanted this so obviously shoddily made furniture set to last a few years until I had the time and money to buy a new set somewhere else. This set hasn’t even been able to promise that for me though. The couch had made noises when someone would sit on it not long after delivery.

I told my boyfriend that it was just from a terrible company and that’s what we could expect for the furniture. A couple weeks ago though, when flipping the sofa over to apply rubber pads to the bottom of the couch so that it will stop destroying my hardwood floors (of which it is constantly marring), I heard the sawdust shift. Out the back of the sofa, a spring is poking out, pushing on the fabric. Out the bottom, broken hardwood has jutted out and torn through the bottom of the sofa fabric. Sawdust poured out the seat area onto the area rug.

I guess the noise the couch made when someone sat indirectly on that location of the couch was the sound of the frame given out right from the start. The fabric of the top of the couch is sun-bleached from just 16 months of sun exposure as well. (As a side note, with some of the store credit we had, we purchased a dining room set that is okay except for a discoloration that randomly has appeared despite the fact that we really don’t sit at the dining room set. I have not processed a claim for that, but there is still something going on even with that piece of furniture)

I once again contacted Bob’s. I eventually spoke with Allyson, who I believe may be a manager at the Reading store. Allyson sent the request for the warranty department to contact me about sending a technician out to see the couch on 11/24/18. She told me that on Monday 11/26/18 they would contact me about sending a technician via email. I told Allyson that the couch was so obviously broken I could submit pictures and save everyone else the hassle. Tuesday 11/27/18 I received an email back from the warranty department. Apparently after a “thorough” investigation, Bob’s Furniture’s Warranty Department concluded that the damage to my sofa and loveseat was covered in neither the manufacturer’s warranty nor the $199.99 “Goof Proof” policy I had purchased.

The problem is that the warranty department never gave me a chance to submit pictures. They never sent a technician to look at the sofa or the loveseat. They just somehow came to the conclusion organically I guess. “Goof Proof” paperwork lists both springs and frame under the covered section after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, so I’m left to wonder why all of these issues with my sofa and loveseat are not covered. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Nov 27, 2018

I purchased a sofa from them and paid$49.99 for delivery and set up. I set a delivery date and time with dispatch. When no one came our called after waiting 3 hours I called them. They said they had truck trouble and promised to deliver it the next day before noon. Again no phone call or delivery. I called again and was told it didn't fit on the truck. This was after they were supposed to leave it on the truck over night. I was told that they wouldn't be able to deliver it for 5 days. I already waited a week.

When it was finally delivered the driver slipped and told me it had been backordered. Due to the dishonesty from all involved I will highly advice others to pay a little more and be treated as you should be. In total I spent over 10 hours on the phone with the department's named above.

  • Nov 17, 2018

I bought a full bed from Bob's Discount Furnature in West Springfield Ma. I went with a medium firmness #5 However when I trided to sleep on it my feet went off the end of the bed when ajusted up to sitting. I called and said it was also Cold and hard. So, they upgraded the mattress and frame to a Queen fot an added price.

Their men came and called to make sure that they were suppose to take it back and got the OK. I waited for the next deliver and I went down to a #4 wich was soffter. I could not sleep on it as it was so cold and still hard. I was told I had to have it in my home 30 days and that over 100 people lay ion the peds in the store and they are broke in. I tried.

My eyes swelled my neck broke out and legs itched. Went to 3 doctors in my practice the third one told me "Contact Dermatitus" toget rid of the bed and to move out till itwas gone it was a reaction to the foam. I e-mailed them the letter.

I was perscribed allergy eye drops and them Pregezone then oral antibotics now another pack of Pregezone. I am a mess I look like I have lred burning sores and my eyes are burning red I went 5 times to the doctors and the eye doctor.

Finaily they agreed to take it back and their men came and the Bed Ajustable Fram and the "Goof Proof" bedding went. They offered me $300.00+ eventhough I paid $1,420.84 in Full. She said they did not authorize the removal of the frame or bedding. I should have taken photos of the removal because they can't find it!

I know they called when they came as the group before used my phone to call. I signed their I pad thet they picked up the Bed and Frame and bedding. She said I just signed the pick up.

No it's my fault??? She said their men have not called or were orderd to pick it up. Rip off! Now i have to sue them and I have not been able to go back to work still red itchy and Now stuck with no bed and no sleep a two month nightmare. Sleepless still

  • Oct 14, 2018

My fiancee (now wife) and I purchased a bedroom set through Bob's website in early August, shortly after purchasing our home, and also paid the $109 delivery and assembly fee. It took no less than 4 delivery attempts by Bob's in order to completely deliver the entire bedroom set. The first delivery featured missing side rails and a broken dresser. The second delivery featured a broken foot board, and missing side rails once again. The third delivery was supposed to occur on a weekday between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. This delivery did not occur until 9:15 P.M., apparently due to a broken down delivery truck. Bob's did not bother to contact me whatsoever regarding their tardiness. When I called to ask when I should expect my delivery, I was only then notified that there was a delay, and was assured that my delivery would be made no later than 6:45 P.M. that night.

Again, the delivery people did not show up until 9:15 P.M., and had no clue that they were to assemble the bed for us. Once again, the foot board was broken, and the bed could not be set up. They were not able to get another foot board in and deliver it until the following week, which happened to be the week of our wedding. We were not available to be there due to our, so we had to make arrangements with neighbors to be there for the delivery. This time, everything was in good enough condition and was assembled. During this entire process, my wife and I each had to take days off from work in order to be at our house for deliveries that were botched or were much later than anticipated, as well as were inconvenienced on many occasions(I was living an hour away from where we purchased our home and waited for the furniture to be delivered).

We were not able to stay in our new home because we did not have a bed to sleep in, and had to worry about all of this when we should have been celebrating our wedding. When I contacted Bob's for compensation, I was offered a $25 gift card, and then finally offered to have the delivery fees refunded. In my opinion, I do not believe this compensation is sufficient for all of the inconveniences that occurred, nor do I believe that customer service did anything to rectify the situation. Customer service was extremely lacking, especially when I spoke with the corporate office, where I was essentially told too bad, deal with it. this is the best we can do. I will never purchase another item from Bob's, nor will I recommend others step foot inside of a Bob's store. The whole process was a complete and utter nightmare.

  • Jul 29, 2018

Ordered a couch on 7/23. Received a phone call within minutes saying that the couch was out of stock and the order had been cancelled, but my debit card was charged anyway. They then transferred me to the local Bob's Discount Furniture store for me to tell them my VISA number so it could be credited.

So my account was debitted for the price of the couch. On Wednesday 7/25 I called and asked where is my refund and was told that they would expedite the refund.

On Sunday 7/29 I went to the local store, only to be told that 'accounting has a hold on your refund' and that 'the local store has nothing to do with refunds other than take the card information' and I would have to call on Monday.

On Monday 7/30 I called the main number, which kept trying to transfer me to the local store. I hit the right combination of keys to actually talk to someone who the refund would be issued eventually.

I will never shop for anything at Bob's Discount Furniture again, and I thank my lucky stars that I didn't order a $2500 sectional, because how would anyone be able to buy another couch when they took all the money out of the account?

Bob's is a ripoff.

  • May 14, 2018

One of the most irresponsible and non-responsive businesses we have ever dealt with. Purchased a bar from this company about three weeks ago and the first time a guest put her glass on the counter, it made a permanent stain. By the end of the night, there were several white permanent stains.

We contacted Bob's furniture and were told this is it and there is nothing they can do (like we are buying a as is used car). When we pointed out that this was a brand new product and there is a presumed warranty of fitness for specific purpose, we were told to buy a ridiculous repair warranty and they will fix the problem. Well, we paid another $120.00 and bought the warranty (called something like no goof proof), too. But, so far and after three weeks of going back and forth, and empty promises from Amber, and Sean the store manager, no one has showed up, no one has scheduled a service call, and basically they just think by inaction this will go away by itself.

As of today leaving this review, we are close to $1000.00 out of pocket for a useless defective piece of furniture and an unneccessary protective plan.

The irony is this company has just moved here to Southern California during the past two months and one should see thier Yelp reviews that average around 1.7 stars with similar grievences from others.

  • Apr 30, 2018

My parents purchased a power bob adjustable bed in 2016 which included a 10 year replacement warranty. The mattress had problems so they sent out a tech to inspect it and the determination was that it was defective and needed replacement. Instead of having a new one delivered, the tech told my father to go to the store to choose the mattress that is most comfortable for him. If they choose to upgrade instead of replace with the same unit, they would get a $368 credit I don't like posting personal information about my parents online but I really need everyone to understand how underhanded this entire organization is. The tech saw that my father has difficulty walking because of bad knees and the effects of Parkinson's, but still insisted he go to the store.

I took him this Saturday, 4/29/2018 to the store in Freeport, NY. We informed the salesman why we were there and I asked him to show us the exact replacement mattress and the optional upgrades. Their original purchase was for a twin XL firm mattress. The one he showed us as the replacement was a pillow top soft mattress which my father can't sleep on. Then he showed us the twin XL firm mattress, which was as he explained an upgrade. To top things off, he told us that no matter which one we chose, there would be an additional charge ranging from $200 to more than $300 plus $50 for delivery. I explained that all we wanted was the replacement for the one that they purchased and was under warranty. Evidently at BOB's, a replacement warranty does not replace anything without paying upgrade fees and delivery fee. I asked for the copy of the warranty and no one was able to provide one. They then handed me off to customer service who kept me on the phone for over an hour with the same result. I asked the supervisor for warranty info and she couldn't provide me with anything either. I really got a feeling for the quality of their customer service department when I asked who I was speaking with. The supervisor would only provided me with her first name and last initial (Kelly K) and wouldn't even give me their customer service location. The people at the store in Freeport were no different. The store manager John R refused to provide his information as well.

I have a feeling they get lot's of these complaints but go on with business as usual because it's company policy. In my opinion, the FTC, BBB and every other consumer group should look into BOB's deceptive sales practices. If you watch their commercials, they put a lot of emphasis on their fantastic warranty when in fact it's worth less than the paper its written on. Taking advantage of consumers is pretty bad but doing so to seniors living on a fixed income is despicable. Please share this if you agree and let's see if BOB's corporate has the decency to reply.

  • Mar 12, 2018

We bought sofa and love seat (motorized) 3 weeks later motor failed. Guy came said he would order, wife called 2 weeks later , he never ordered, bobs said they would order, Feb 15th, 2 months wait, Feb 25th came, i called bobs, now they say motor wont come until March 25th, i complained, after a half hour on phone, woman said they will deliever a new section of sofa, and take bad section away, driver called me today, on his way to take bad section away, but did not have new replacement on truck. Told him no way is he gonna leave me with half a sofa. I cant believe im still trying to get help 6 months after my couch got stuck in the open position, they have over 1700 complaints agaisnt them.

  • Jan 27, 2018

Bob's Goof Proof is a scam. The company behind Goof Proof, Guardian Products, is in a business of collecting premiums and rejecting claims. They are copying a scam shown in a movie "The Rainmaker" where the health insurance company collected premiums but rejected all claims. In the movie the company was forced out of business by a lawsuit, but we would need a class action to put Guardian out of business because individual premiums are to low to justify a law suit. Bob's Furniture must be aware of the scam, but it is receiving a kickback from Guardian and is pushing this scam on it's customers. No more buying from Bob's!!! What a rip off!!!

  • Mar 13, 2018

Y R They still getting away with ripping people off?

Never... I Repeat.. Never have i had more stress and disappointment with ANY buissness as i have with BOBS FURNATURE! 6 months have gone by and my motorized sofa is still stuck in open position. Countless hours on the phone with so called cust service, always apologizing but NEVER helping me, countless hours on hold, what a nightmere!Schedualing a delievery only to resheduale and reshedual, all the while promising me this time we will fix your sofa, bought in sept 2017, now march 2018. Im determined to shut them down!!! There are over 1700 bad reviews of BOBS FURNATURE online, and to just read a few, you see the anger of the people!

  • Oct 13, 2017

Let me say, I have been buying from Bob's for a long time, and I don't know why I keep going back! I bought my daughter's bed there maybe 15 years ago, and they forgot to add the headboard to the order. By the time I got the order off layaway, the bedroom set was discontinued and we could not get a matching headboard. I didn't go there for about 7 years after that experience.

When I went back, I bought 2 couches (on 2 separate occasions), with the protection, and 100% of the time, they would not repair or replace the furniture when it was damaged. Most recently, I bought my son a full size bed. Bob's delivery told my husband that they would be to our home in a few minutes. My husband asked them to please wait 10 minutes so he could be there for the delivery. When my husband got home, the bed was set up and the delivery people were gone. They let my 22 year old autistic son sign for the bed, which turned out to be too short.

We called Bob's to see if we could trade up to a Queen. They said we could trade the mattress, but not the electronic base, because that was directly from the manufacturer. So warning to all who consider an electric bed from Bob's ... You cannot return an electronic bed base once it is accepted into the home and signed for. And God forbid, if one of your disabled "children" sign for the bed before you (the paying customer) gets to check it out, you're screwed!

I have been buying more of my furniture from another local furniture store recently, because I am trying to work myself away from Bob’s dishonest and deceitful practices.

  • Jun 26, 2017

First of let me start by saying that this complaint is not against this physical location itself but rather Acceptance Now that they partnered with to make playment plans. To begin, my wife and I went into a Bob's Furniture to look at Bedroom Sets and after some time we found one that we liked but it was out of the budget we had at that moment. We talked to one of the account reps to see what our options were and she gave us information on Acceptance Now. It sounded like a great deal, we could put some money down and pay off the rest over a set amount of months. Perfect right? We thought we were setting up a payment plan for 6 months with the option to pay it off early in 90 days to avoid having to pay interest. We come to find out when we think we have made our last payment for the 1000 dollar bed set that we put 200 down on, That we still owe over 1000 dollars to the set because supposedly they told us that if we didn't pay it off in 90 days there would be a charge. Suffice to say, we are both beside ourselves. We never would have agreed knowing that that was the pratice and that we would have a larger fee then the set was even worth in the first place. With no way to return the set, and now being stuck with a bill like we have never paid anything in the first place, My wife and I are left with no options and a bedroom set that we feel cheated with. We have contacted them with no sympathy given, no explanation other then that just the way it is, and that they expect payment. We loss the bed and all that money we have already put into it if we don't pay this astronomical interest on the bed.

  • Jun 17, 2017

I have been trying to return or exchange a couch that I purchased in November 2015 since the Month I bought the item. I bought the Charisma Sectional, for about $1000 including the tax, warranty, etc. It is extremely uncomfortable and came with 3 cushions that did not fit the couch (there are gaps in between all of the cushions so you fall through and they slip apart as soon as you sit in between them). The cushions are not secured onto the couch, and securing them in anyway is considered voiding the warranty.

When I called after I bought the item to return it, they said to give it 60 days to get used to it, which I did. After the 60+ days I called to return the item a second time, and they told me the window has passed and they were not able to do so. They offered to send me new cushions, thinking that would resolve the issue.

5 months later a package came into the mail, but it was only the middle of 3 pieces needed. Now none of my cushions are the same size. I have had 2 technicians come to look at the couch, both agreed that it seemed flawed, but Bobs' refused to exchange or return. They offered to send me the other cusions that I never recieved, and now they are telling me they can't do anything unitl I get the cushions (ETA is over 2 months). When I called today I spoke with Kedra (ID# 319) and she said the same thing. No exchanges, but I have new cushions (that most likely still won't fit) on their way now!

In the 18 months I have had the couch I have used it maybe 5 times, and I live in a small one bedroom apartment. All I was looking for since the first week was an exchange, but they refuse to do so and are extremely rude whenever I call.

VERDICT: Pony us the extra money and get a couch from a better store. Bob's customer service is the worst I have encountered.

  • Mar 20, 2017

After purchasing a sectional almost two months ago, paying in full for the piece of furniture, to only them be informed that the wedge piece was not available untill March 4. My wife and I are informed March 3 , after receiving confirmation texts and emails that the wedge piece won't be available untill March 6. Again confirmation texts and emails along with a delivery time frame for March 6. I wait all morning and finally after 1 hour on hold with customer care am I told that the delivery team arrived at my residence and rang the doorbell but no one answered. I assured the customer care rep that I was at home at 10:33 am when the reported arriving to deliver the piece. I was told I was wrong , and only when I informed the rep that i have exterior security cameras to validate that they never arrived was I told that they would look into it. I had to call 2 hours later to get an answer and I was informed that the delivery team had never stopped at my residence and they would attempt to have it re delivered. Another three hours I contact bobs again and I am informed that the piece was never on the truck and then informed it was on the truck. I was then told that I would be contacted once they investigate more and a new date of March 7 was set to deliver the piece. I contacted bobs on March 7 to secure a time frame for my delivery and I was informed the item was actually back ordered untill March 18 and that the original piece was damaged that's why it was never placed on the delivery truck. I finally went on the Better Business Bureau website to obtain contact info for bobs coorporate offices. I wrote to their customer care team through email explaining all that had occurred. I was informed in fact they had never received the item at all and due to outdated automated calling setup, we were called and confirmed for delivery when we shouldn't have been. Saying this is the worst experience as a consumer I have ever had , is an understatement. Dealing with Bobs Discount Furniture had been the most frustrating experience I have ever had and I work in Law Enforcement. I recommend to all that have gotten the run around or repeatedly lied to regarding pieces of furniture you have bought from this store, to check out the BBB website and contact corporate office personal regarding your nightmare of choosing Bobs Discount Furniture.

  • Dec 17, 2016

I purchased furnature from bobs and also purchased the insurance that they claimed it was for accidental spills and or damages well the name says it all its a goof proof insurance for bobs and for bobs only they take your money and do not honor any claims with the insurance its just a way for bob to make money off their customers.

Please keep away from buying anything from bobs their customer service is the worst and I dont know why the goverment dont investigate this rip off company if you search them like i should have you will find thousands of complaints.

stay away this company should not even be able to operate.

  • Oct 21, 2016

Scum bag Bob's discount furniture refuses to repair manufacturers defective furniture. I had 5 legs break off of 2 pieces of furniture. I had a technition come out and look at it. He said this is definitally a manufaturing defect. If we dont have extra legs hanging around the warehouse they will compensate you in another way, I'm just not exactly sure. They will call in a couple days or so. 2 weeks laqter I called them after not recieving a call as expected. The woman on the other end said "no ma'am" there was no defect on the manufacturers end. There will be no credit for the furniture. What? really? We paid for "goof proof" and the extended warranty. Bob's failed to meet the expectations. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

  • Oct 18, 2016

I was sent a counterfiet north face jacket made in china. The website said they were authorized sellers of north face.

First problem i had was ordering the wrong size, so i was trying to contact the bob's outlet to change the size before it shipped. Then, the accounts were messed up and my order was not showing up. I called and left messages with no response for 7 days. At this point, i am saying i want to cancel the order, because things are so dysfunctional.

I get an email saying its already shipped but i can exchange it. Then, i also get a call from ny. I call the number back saying i just recieved a call from this number and asked what company this is, but the guy on the phone dodges the question and asks me for my name. I again ask again what company is this. He raises his voice, "what's your name!". I tell him don't call me anymore. To which he responds "f*** you"!

I call the number back, this time he answers with "bob's outlet." i told him i'd write him a nasty yelp review. Turns out he is not on yelp.

The jacket arrives. It is counterfiet and made in china. The labels, tags, material, size are wrong. I write him back with this information and threatening to sue. Bob's outlet responds that i need to return the item for inspection and gives the shipping address returns at alcco 2920 ave r, brooklyn ny11229. He also saids to provide the rma # and i will get my full refund in 14-business days.

I have not sent it back yet because this sounds like the company formally known as 5 avenue fashion.

I am not required to return the iteams, since they are counterfiet. I am legally entitled to a legitimate version or a full refund. It doesn’t matter what the seller’s return policy is since the seller, engaged in fraud. I can proceed under my state’s unfair-trade-practice law, and the seller will be responsible to my attorney’s fees and triple damages.

  • Oct 14, 2016

Financed through Bob's Discount Furniture with Wells Fargo. Furniture was delivered in August. I have called the Corporate office and Brookfield store to obtain where, how, when and how much I should pay for the furniture. It's now the middle of October and I still haven't received my account number in order to contact the financing company. They don't care if I pay my financing on time; they were apparently finished with the transaction after they got my money. Apparently, it's Well's Fargo's turn to put the screws to me when I don't pay my bill. Apparently, it goes from "interest free financing" to late fees, high interest payments, etc.

  • Sep 15, 2016

I lost my whole house in Sandy after I rebuilt 3 years ago I would have a house full of furniture from Bob's Discount Furniture in Farmingdale. 3 years later I am having problems with the furniture and the electric fireplace comma the sectional I bought when I recline the recliner it tore the leather on the leg of the sectional. The fireplace comes on randomly whether it be when was sleeping when we are out when we were on vacation so I cannot use it the headboard in a bedroom right in the center has little split box in it. Bobs send a technician out he took pictures of all the problems even told me that the fireplace would probably have to be replaced because that's a manufacturer defect the sectional the mechanism on the inside of it bent he flipped it upside down tightened all the screws but mostly all the screws were loose and ironically the sectional does not rub on the lake anymore which leads me to believe that the screws coming loose or the reason for that the headboard he tells me or from the oils on my wife's head that is causing the splitting in the headboard. I called Bobs later on and they told me that the technician said everything looked fine and his normal wear and tear so Bobs is not covering it I called them up and I fought with them stating how is this normal wear and tear the fireplace coming on occasionally randomly that is wearend tear? The screws in the sectional coming loose that's normal wear and tear and for my sectional to be ripped that's my fault? So then I tried the Goof Proof warranty that I took out for $500 they explain to me that none of this is accidental that Bobs is responsible they are not so I guess Bobs furniture will probably last me another 3 years before I have to throw it out and what a new furniture for my house the fireplace is useless I cannot use that that has to stay unplugged my advice do not buy any Bobs furniture overpriced for only lasting 6 years I state that generously because I only have it 3 years and I'm having a lot of problems with it. Their customer service stinks they said the technicians word is the last word even the manager stated they cannot do nothing for me.

  • Jun 11, 2016

I purchased a reclining sofa from Bob's, along with the 5-year protection plan.

The back of the sofa broke and is about a foot lower than the rest of the sofa. But they claim it is not a manufacturer defect (how could a sofa break like that if it was any quality at all?) and that my insurance doesn't cover it because they didn't deem it an accident. Do they think i broke it on purpose?!?

Customer service is non-existent. You never talk with the same person twice and they won't give their last names. they won't connect you with a supervisor or manager; they just take your name and number and you never hear back.

this operation is a total rip-off and shame on me for trying to save money, but still expecting i would get a quality product and quality service. I even offered to pay, and they still won't help!!!

  • Dec 1, 2015

I purchase a bedroom set and insurance, "Goof Proof" in 2012 from the Totowa, NJ store. Four months after I purchased it, the bed broke. They sent out a guy to repair it. He not only didn't use a long enough slat, he used two pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle & nailed it into one side and cracked the sideboard (which I didn't realize that the crack was from the repair until about a week & a 1/2 ago when the tech came out to repair the bed once again). When I noticed the crack some time after the bed rail had supposedly been repaired, I called the "Goof Proof" # and was told that they weren't going to fix it.

A week and a 1/2 ago, my bed broke again in the middle of the night and woke me up. I called Bob's customer service # that morning and they sent someone out to repair the bed and side rail. He asked if we had insurance. He said if we go through the insurance, they would give us a new side rail and slats.

He called the "Goof Proof" #, put my husband on the phone and left. No repairs were done. They said because it was a preexisting problem, they wouldn't cover it, that we would have to go through Bob's.

I called Bob's and was told that they would credit me 80% of the bed, a % of the "Goof Proof" & the tax and that I could choose another bed because they discontinued my bedroom set in white. I told them that I would go to the store and look at the beds to see if they would go with our bedroom SET, which is what I did yesterday. There were only two other white bedroom sets to choose from and neither one would go with the SET that I purchased. I was told by customer service in the store that I could do a one-time swap for another bedroom SET because none of the beds match what I currently have. It had to be approved by someone in their (800) phone # customer service.

Both an employee and a manager called to see if they could get approval. It wasn't approved. They told them and me that they would only replace the bed. I then spoke with the store manager, Carlos. I asked him if I had purchased a couch & loveseat and the couch broke a year later and the couch was discontinued, would they replace both pieces or just the couch with another couch that didn't match. He said that they would only replace the one couch, not both pieces. Who would want two different couches in their living room when you purchased a SET??? I feel the same way about a different bed when I purchased a SET.

I have tried to resolve this with numerous phone calls to their customer service # and going into the store where I purchased the bedroom SET, but to no avail.

  • Nov 28, 2015

In April of 2014 my wife Linda and I were shopping for a new sofa set to replace one in our living-room. My wife and I enjoy supporting local businesses and drove to Bob's Furniture in Bellingham Mass. I had heard negative things about Bob's but felt they deserved an opportunity. When you arrived your greeted by several sales people eager to assist you. I later learned that commissions on sale play an important part. A female associate, very nice showed my wife and I several different sectionals in leather. I did voice my concerns about what I had been told about Bob's but was reinsured that their protection plan was the best in the business. We settled on a leather sectional and opt for the interest free monthly payments for one year which totaled over $2,000.00 thousand dollars. The sectional was delivered a week later and the wiring including the plastic power boxes controlling the recliners placed under the couch. Several months ago the recliners stopped working properly. This continued for months which be believed was a faulty control switch. I checked under the sectional a few months later and noticed that two of the plastic power boxes were crushed from the chair reclining. The power boxes were never mounted to the furniture and apparently moved when reclining the chairs causing the damages and had to be taped by me. Additionally, the left side recliner cracked one evening when my wife was reclining the foot rest. Further examination verified that the wood both under the seating area of the chair and the foot rest cracked. Additionally, the back section of another recliner was no longer returning to the full upward position providing support. I called Bob's Furniture the week of November 15th and received an appointment on November 25th to examine the sectional.

On November 25th, the technician arrived at 12:30 in his own personal vehicle. He entered my home with no tools, no equipment, and unable to speak English enough to hold a proper conversation and attempted to question me regarding the couch. He flipped the couches over and verified that two of the three power boxes had been damaged from the recliners, and also verified that the left hand recliner was in fact totally damaged with the wood cracked both in the seating area and foot rest. While conducting his so called investigation, we never spoke about what caused the cracking in the recliner because of the language barrier preventing any proper formal inquiry. After providing a flashlight which he did not have, he asked to use my cell phone to call the office amazing me, no phone. After speaking with someone for several minutes I was given the phone while he left and the investigation concluded. I then spoke with Customer Service, just another great experience. I was told that the damages were NOT FROM NORMAL WEAR and that the technician could do nothing to repair or address the matter. Something I realized when he originally arrived with no tools, no light, no phone, and unable to speak English preventing any conversations. I was told that I would need to contact GOOF PROOF, an insurance we paid for when originally purchasing the sectional for an additional $200.00 dollars covering all problems. I became very upset and questioned how a determination could be made that the damages were not from normal wear instead of a defective recliner considering the other three were not cracking. My wife and I are 55 plus with no young children living at home jumping on our furniture. After calling Goof Proof, the insurance we paid for as directed by customer service explaining the situation, we were told that coverage could not be provided based on the report provided from they're so called earlier investigation at my home. An investigation never properly conducted due to the reasons above or any consideration that the left recliner was defective when delivered. We called the store one more time and were asked to provided pictures of the sectional and its condition. I also asked how a determination could be made favoring the store and insurance provider when no supporting evidence (damaged leather, tears, rips, etc) existing. It's logical that intentional abuse is visibly obvious but in this case does not exist.

In closing my wife and I are strongly warning anyone considering a purchase from Bob's Furniture to RUN-RUN- RUN and shop elsewhere. This company obviously sells defective, shoddy, and lower quality products with no consideration to customer service or care. Additionally, they strongly suggest insurance from Goof Proof which you pay an additional fee in our case $200.00 dollars ensuring coverage, protection, and security of your purchase in the event of damage including children and animals. Sounds real good until you need to file a claim. Goof Proof will based your claim and replacement on the report submitted by who, that's right, the technician who comes to your home working for Bob's Furniture and never conducts a proper investigation not having tools, a flashlight, and unable to speak English allowing a proper investigation involving questions and answers. Right now my wife and I asked the same question and have yet to receive an answer, what facts were used to determine NOT NORMAL WEAR considering the sectional is immaculate other than the issues resulting from defective products used to make the left side recliner. Having been in the investigative filed for more than 30 years, I'm appalled that anyone including my wife and I could received this type of treatment. The stories of poor customer service, shoddy products, and lack of customer care are true. Remember that our decision to shop at Bob's Furniture has cost us over $3,000.00 dollars and garbage furniture. Something to think about and a large price to pay when they offer you free coffee, candy, and ice cream while you wait. Linda and I will be forwarding a complaint to the Mass Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection regarding this matter. Happy holidays and be safe, STAY AWAY FROM BOB'S FURNITURE .

  • Sep 12, 2015

I purchased a new couch from Bobs in January 2014. Within weeks we noticed that the frame of the arm rests had cracked inside the couch and mad a horrible sound everytime you touched it. I called Bobs to report and a tech came out and determined that it could not be fixed. Bobs would not replace the couch claiming the damage was not a factory defect but rather miss use of the arm rest on our part. Apparently armrests are not made for and weight to be put on them. A policy they could not provide in writing when I asked for it. I could not file a claim using the good proof until the 1year factory warranty pasted. I waited the year and called back to make a claim with Guardian.

I was denied the claim because the damage was not an accident. What??? How is this not covered.? The goof proof brochure clearly states that frames are covered. Again I was told that it was our misuse that caused the damage. As I do more research into this I see that this company does this scam over and over. I am disgusted with Bobs, their poor products and deceitful business practices. I paid over $1000 for this couch and I expected it to last a few years at least. One month I got! And I bought the good proof additionally which was just a scam all together. I looked up this issue and I am not the only one who had the same problem with the arm rests either or been denied a good proof claim on bogus reasons. How has there not been a lawsuit already? Or has there? I will NEVER purchase anything from Bobs again.

  • Aug 13, 2015

We purchased a living room set from Bobs my grandson was playing on the couch and put 5 punctures in the back of the seat. I called, sent photos and waited for them to call me back. They did only to deny my claim. We spent $300 for this added protection for nothing. I was told there was nothing I could do. I would advise any one not to purchase the protection it's a waste of money.

  • Aug 3, 2015

On May 25, 2015 I purchased an entertainment unit, a 3 piece living room table set, and a 12 piece bedroom set from the bob's in Langhorne PA. Delivery was set for June 6. The delivery truck arrived and one of the end tables wasn't able to be assembled. The coffee table's main support was cracked. The door on the dresser was scratched. The door on the entertainment center was missing and the interior side was damaged while they assembled it. They delivered the wrong beds.

I drove back to the showroom and was assured everything would be handled. I then received 3 separate deliveries. One for the living room tables, One for the dresser and to pick up the incorrect beds. One for the entertainment center.

The correct beds were on back order until July 18. I received 3 more deliveries, One for the footboards. one for the rails and one for the headboards.... (this entire time my babies were sleeping on their floor). The delivery for the headboards arrived and the man called me out to the truck because both headboards were damaged.

I called the store manager and she promised they would be out with new headboards by wednesday. She called me that wed morning to tell me that the headboards were now back ordered until AUGUST 15!

I told her to send the truck. I wanted a full refund. I was returning everything.

The truck arrived and literally dragged the furniture out of my house and threw it onto their truck. They damaged several freshly painted walls in my home. They damaged the trim around my door frames. Their truck ripped several branches off my tress and they drove on my lawn.

and on top of ALL this, I have to wait 7-10 days for a refund!

  • Aug 1, 2015

These people are total frauds. They sell cheap furniture and even if you buy the warrant they weasel out of making good on it. They prey on the poor and take advantage of people. Those incesent commericals on TV are all a scam. Bob Kaufman(Bobs) doesn't own the company. The company is owned by MITT ROMNEY's Bain Capital a multibillion dollar hedge fund

So they trot out nice old Bob to suck you in and then the 1%ers make all of the $$$ by preying on the poor. I am putting together a class action suit. You can email me @ and we will beat these thieves.

DONOT BUY THERE- Tell all of your friends to bouycott Bobs- spread the word. BTW, Bain also owns Toys R US, Gymboree and Guitar Center as well as a bunch of other companies - boycott them all. Rather than Toys R Us go to Wlamart or Target- Target stands behind their products

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