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  • Apr 5, 2021

Hi Noel,

Thank you for choosing us!

Please be aware that all players must enter their payout request before Sunday, 11:59 pm EST in order to have it reviewed/processed on Mondays. I have checked your account and I see that you requested yours yesterday so you will need to wait until next Monday for it to be reviewed/processed.

If you have any further questions or concerns, let us know. We are here always happy to help.

Warm regards,

Marco A.

Customer Support Team

Ticket History Noel (Client) Posted On: 24 February 2021 12:34 PM My BTC Payout hasn't been received. It's been a little over 24 hours ago. I copied and pasted the wallet ID. I haven't received a way of tracing the transaction.

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: 481935

Department: BingoMania_Support

Type: Issue

Status: Closed

Priority: Normal - P4

Anyhow on Monday, March 1st I received an email from Maximo G at bingomania support which

denied my payout request because my account wasn't verified.

Interestingly enough is that they don't require account verification to take my money as

I had some previous losses with this casino.

What followed were several emails back and forth and multiple uploads of several

documents they needed in order to verify my account in order to have my payout request

approved. I had to re-submit some photos to their exacting specifications to accomplish


Finally, on March 4th I received an email from Marco A from bingomania customer support

informing/congratulating me, confirming that my account was now verified for a payout on

Monday, March 8th.

Well today is March 8th and once again Maximo G denied my payout request because my

account was not verified.

Shortly after receiving that email I logged on to my account and entered bingomania's

"support"chat and I got Marco A.

I informed him that my payout request was denied again because my account had not been

verified so I copied and pasted the email which informed me that account had now been


He forwarded this info to Maximo G (probably sitting in the next cubicle), and then Marco

told me that I should have just received a correction email from Maximo as to the exact

reason my payout was not approved.

It seemed like a trick they used to run the clock out on me playing with the time I would

have to request a payout and the time in which I made a deposit.

After back and forth with Marco A telling him the casino is a scam and an FU, bingomania

suspended my account so now I can't go back in and retrieve vital proof of my complaint.

The bottom line is no matter what bingomania will refuse to make payouts and find

limitless ways to steal your winnings.

I have saved most of (if not all), back and forth emails with bingomania which will

confirm my complaint.



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  • May 13, 2020

They make it quick and easy to deposit money into your bingo account but should you win they make it completely impossible to withdraw. If you have not made a deposit in 30 days they will not let you withdraw any winnings, and if your balance is over $100 they will not let you make a deposit.

So I have to lose most of the $950 I won in order to make a deposit to qualify to withdraw my winnings. And apparently even if I had been able to withdraw my winnings, after being charged between $30-$75, I still might not have received my money. I have read several complaints of people not getting their money but being charged several times for the withdraw.

  • Jan 16, 2020

Bingomania sent me an email on December 16, 2019 that only part of was honored. Was told by chat support to open a ticket and did so only to have it ignored for weeks. Chat support tried to appease me by offering me 10 free spins on a game that I like to hold me over until the IT department resolved my issue. The 10 free spins were reduced from there normal minimum of, I believe, $1.50 per spin with 9 paylines to .10 with only one payline.

I was told numerous times that the IT department would make it up to me when they figure it out. This went on for approximately two to three weeks until a chat support agent offered me $30 to let it go. I turned that down and he offered me $40 and I said the bonus that I will get from IT department is way more than that so I said I will just wait it out.

At this point I have lost out in several hundreds of dollars in bonuses because I refused to make a deposit until this matter was resolved because of the mistrust that was now building. I feel like I was just being lied to and strung along. Finally after five weeks, a chat support agent, Charlotte, a very polite and seeming eager to end my missery, offered me $100 in bonus money to play bingo and a few spins with the correct payline and bet.

I took her up on the offer because I figured at this point that was the best they were going to come up with. IT department obviously was not doing anything about this. Regardless I thought all was good.

I get a text Thursday with an offer of 50 free spins on my favorite game. Tried to log in only to find out that management has disabled my account because I told them I was going to do this review/complaint if I didn't get any resolution and kept getting ignored from the so called IT department.

They are good with offering free stuff to get your money but not good on delivering on the promises!!

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