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Bill Richard

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Monroe
Address 122 Old Castle Drive
Phone (203) 258-8604

Bill Richard Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2017

Billy Richard Karaoke Hire or Not? You Be The Judge.

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Press Release

Stamford, CT, April 08, 2017 -- Struggling Realtor, and former Medical Sales Representative, Billy Richard of Monroe, CT., is winning no popularity contest these days as his reincarnation as a Karaoke Host at local bars, as the public feels ripped off.

It turns out that Mr. Richard, is a hot head, who may be getting intoxicated at his gigs to the extent that he is having altercations with some of the very patrons, whom he is paid to entertain. Complaints to the KJ Critic include, Richard, not testing his obsolete karaoke equipmentment before starting his shows, yelling at paying customers, being a disrespectful and being reprimanded by management.

"The only thing that I can tell you is that Billy Richard handed me a mic to sing before testing it.

I was the second singer in rotation and the microphones levels were fighting with the music levels, the levels were off and the sound quality was extreemely sub par." The complainant added; "Billy Richard is supposed to test the system by singing a song or two, before handing it off, but seems to be too busy running up to the bar to get an alcoholic beverage, rather then managing the sound quality."

"He ruined our evening too. We paid to go to this Black Rock place, we spent money and the Karaoke DJ sucks and we feel ripped off."

Others told the KJ Critic about Richard's lackluster attitude; "I've heard better karaoke hosts, but he's average. I mean most of us are busy getting drunk here." And; "I don't like the fact that Billy Richard has dead air between songs, he should keep some kind of a music bead going at all times, but I think he lacks the experience to do that, let's just say that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed."

One complainant said; After I complained that his mic levels were fighting the music levels, he freaked out at me and started using explitives to express himself." When the Manager reprimanded Billy Richard, Richard started yelling and lamenting; ""Do you want to sing or what. I'd be willing to bet that Billy Richard was intoxicated."

There are roughly twelve karaoke bars in Southwestern, CT., providing professional Karaoke DJ's.

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