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Bill And Son Towing

Country Canada
City Etobicoke, Ontario
Address 15 Atomic Ave
Phone 1 416-622-2222

Bill And Son Towing Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2021

I contracted Bill and Son Towing in Etobicoke to lift and transport a 40' shipping container from Pickering to Ajax, Ont. The dispatcher, Sonja advised they had the proper size crane to perform the lift. I had estimated contents to be approx. 10,000 lb and container weight was stamped 7,900 lb. for a total of approx. 20,000 lb. Rather than provide a crane as promised, a large tractor trailer type tow truck arrived ,(3 hours late).

The operator, Syed advised the "rotator" crane on the truck would easily lift the loaded container, and asked for payment in full before commencing the work. I paid $2100 cash. Sonja had advised she would not charge me HST if it was paid in cash. I asked for a reciept and one was given to me.

While lifting the container the cable on the truck crane snapped. The driver called his manager, and then advised me that the container weighed over 70,000 lb and they would not move it.

He also advised to buy another container, unload half of the contents into the new container, and pay them or others again, double the amount to do the lift and move again. I asked for a refund, as the service had not been provided and nothing had been done.

The operator Syed replied that their service rate is $750 per hour, 4 hour minimum, and I also should be held liable for the cable snapping, at a cost of $2500 for a new cable.

I felt these charges were grossly inflated. Syed then left with the full amount paid in cash. I attempted to contact a manager at Bill and Son to resolve issue, and also Sonja the dispatcher a number of times that week, only to be told no one was available to resolve issue.

I decided before seeking further assistance to research companies experienced in shipping containers, I learned it is physically impossible to load more than 12,000lb of household goods into a 40' container, and 4 companies with extensive experience all agreed the estimated cargo weight was approx. 8,000-10,000lb.

The container was stamped as weighing 7,900, and the estimated total weight provided to Bill and Son Towing was approx. 20,000lb. I was also advised by all four of the shipping container/transport companies contacted that the "rotator" type truck provided by Bill and Son Towing was not designed to do a lift like was attempted, and was grossly undersized, and quite possibly had a worn, uncertified cable. I am following up with the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs and also Revenue Canada, as well as getting legal assistance to recover the money I have paid out.

In inquiring about possible similar complaints with Bill and Son Towing, I discovered that there are dozens of complaints filed by customers who have had experience with this unprofessional and fraudulent company. They are known to repeatedly overcharge customers and take advantage of situations where towing services are often quickly required. Complaints that date back many years show that this fraudulent practice is continuing and commonplace. The owners apparently understand that refusing to resolve the complaints usually end up with the customer giving up his request to have issues resolved or money refunded. The owner of Bill and Son Towing is not named Bill, who is apparently deceased, The business is now operated by his son. His son has no intention of resolving or even discussing the matter. No one in the company is willing to discuss the matter either.

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