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BiggerPockets, Inc.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver

BiggerPockets, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2016

I paid for an annual membership with Bigger Pockets. I wasn't able to access the website any longer. Once I contacted their support staff about the issue. They informed me I violated some community rules. Bigger Pockets has forums online to discuss real estate. Bigger Pockets emails you every 5 minutes to participate in online forums. When you participate they began to say you are in violation. This cult like practice has cost me 250.00 dollars. They kept my monies. I dont advise any one to join via online annual membership. They aren't fans of you networking on their site. They just want you to purchase their books and audio. Another lost leader of real estate training. Seems like all the online sites are one sided. Its ok to sell their products. Its not ok to keep my monies and ban me from the site. If any one else has had this problem with bigger pockets. Please address it to this website. To warn others avoid being a paying member of bigger pockets. Good job to the members of bigger pockets who hasn't given them any monies. You my friends have avoided a huge headache. At least if you are dis member from the cult like website. You will at least have your money in your pocket.

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