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  • Sep 15, 2016

My boyfriend and I just bought a English bulldog from Big and the dog had a cough when we bought her so the breeder kept her for a couple of days and told us to come pick her up the following Tuesday. We picked her up and he gave us two bags of medicine and didn't even tell us what it was just told us to give it to her three times a day. We took her to our vet just to make sure everything was okay with her and we took the medicine he gave us as well and the vet told us they have never seen that medicine that he gave her and that we needed to take her off the medicine immediately because the medicine was for big dogs. The vet gave us four other medicines to give her we gave them to her and she got even worse she was coughing dry heaving and throwing up and She wouldn't even eat we couldnt even give her medicine.

We called the breeder and he went off on us telling us she is sick because the vet gave us weaker medicine and now her body is in shock because we gave her new medicine. He even said "she's sick because you quit giving her the f**king medicine I gave you" He told us he was in Vegas at his friends party. He told us it was the vets fault for giving us bad advice. we have text messages from him saying he gave us medicine and that we need to give her children's Mucinex and that we need to bring her back to him so he can continue to give her the medicine she is not supposed to be taking according to the vet. He sold our other friend a dog and it died of parvo after a week of having it then he gave our friend another dog and that dog was Sick as well with the same cough our new puppy has. He gave us a folder and signed a paper guaranteeing the dog has no health issues and no signs of any illness and no hereditary problems.

What was weird about his folder was it was all health contracts about the dogs, that was a red flag right away. He has done this before and will continue to do so he has said it himself. When we took her back to the vet a second time they did an x-Ray and the vet at Dr.Butchkos office told us our 12 week old puppy wasn't going to live because her trachea is the size of a needle and it should be the size of a pinky finger. She has a genetic issue and Todd signed a health agreement garunteeing the dog has no health issues or defects. Who knows what kind of problems she is going to have later on. The vet told us the dog would not make it through the night. Keep in mind this was the day of my birthday and it was absolutely devastating, as well as a huge inconvenience as we live an hour away from this guy. The dog wouldn't eat she couldn't sleep she was dry heaving and throwing fluid up all night long we brought her back to the breeder and he said he was going to give her breathing treatments and see if that makes her better. Which it won't there is nothing anyone can do about the puppy having a small trachea. This isn't right, we got attached to her and had her taken back from us because he gave us a sick puppy.

The day after we returned our puppy to him we sent him a message kindly asking for a refund and explaining the vets diagnosis on the dog. He then sent us the following: "I'm happy to give you a full refund. Lol. She is 50% better today. FYI: All bulldogs have small tracheas and they grow as the bulldog grows. I ha e heard this exact story from Vets to my customers at least 200 times. The vet is 100% WRONG. It's actually laughable for them to tell you that. I'm busy in and out today but you can come pick up the $$ tomorrow around 2:30 ish. Then I will put u in co tact with the person who purchases her later and prove that the vet is wrong. Also send me a copy of the X rays. I'd love to see them. " being that he has dealt with this over 200 times and every vet was wrong accourding to him instantly throws up red flags. How could every single vet be wrong?

We returned to Todds facility the next day and he refunded our money and bashed the vet telling us the vet is so wrong they say that About every one of his dogs. In fact I went to touch a puppy and his exact words were "oh no no don't touch them they're sick" what?!?! How is a 8 week old puppy already sick. Todd then wanted to show us where all of his "sick" dogs were. He took us through a gate and there was at least 20 dogs past those gates outside coughing they were all sick he told us, all of those ones had the cough and they are getting better. That's where we got our little puppy from not knowing.

It looks like a puppy production line outside. Then he continued to walk us through a room where he had at least 20 crates full of dogs that were severely ill, he had a rubbermade storage bin on the floor and attached a nebulizer into the box he puts the puppies inside and closes it and gives them a breathing treatment with albuterol. He called himself "bulldog respiratory specialist" We have bought other Bulldogs elsewhere and not one of them has ever had a problem with their tracheas nor have they ever came with a health contract that was pages long. Todd Howard is a scammer! In fact Todd Howard was suspended from the AKC (American kennel club) in 2007 for ten years and we just bought the dog on September first. I looked over the AKC papers from our little puppy and turns out he registered the whole litter and puppy under someone else's name. .

He has done this to several people and he will continue to do so. This was a terrible inconvenience and we asked him for a full refund, which he did return to us. This isn't the first time he has dealt with these things. There is obviously something wrong with the way he breeds his puppy's and in my opinion no little puppy deserves to go through all those medications. Those puppies must all be suffering over at big bulldogs it is so sad and heartbreaking. TODD HOWARD MUST BE STOPPED I want justice for all of those little puppies over there I cried walking through his puppy mill. I just wanted to save them all and make them better but there's nothing that will ever fix them. That's the sad part. This man needs to be SHUTDOWN immediately. Please don't not buy from Todd Howard at

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