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BigBag Investment

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 13th Street 47 W 13th St

BigBag Investment Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2021

Misleading sales pitch by Mason Stay away from this company the person who sold me on investing with them is a man named Mason Lebouf .He friended me on social media saying he was an expert trader who could take 1000 dollars and make me 6000 trading bitcoins with this company and that within 7 days I would have 6000 in the account and he would get his commission of 1200 and I would have the remaining 4800 including my initial 1000 investment and then upon that happening I would get my money and be able to restiveness the 1000 and do it again .

I watched he account go to the 6000 dollars however now they said I would not make anything unless I paid for additional mining of bitcoin so now I would have to pay thousands more Mason makes claims now that are not true he in fact told me all this and now he wants more money to mine for more bitcoins after not letting me know in the first place how it all works . Stay away from this company I call it bait and switch not once did Mason tell me that once it reached 6000 dollars that I would have to pay for more mining and I asked him with what ?

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