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Big Lots Stores, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Sunrise
Address 12751 W Sunrise Blvd
Phone (954) 514-2701

Big Lots Stores, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 14, 2019

Ive bought snack items there before and they had some off brands, and such, no big deal, but then i noticed actual cans of soup with expired dates, like by a long shot, 6 months or more.

Dont buy anything with any kind of moisture like soup, or beef snacks. check dates before you buy, sometimes hard to read, decypher.

  • May 2, 2019

I am not saying all employees there are bad or they always show disrespect to customers. I have been a Big Lots customer for many years especially because of the competitive price when applying coupon that I often receive through my email subscription.

Yesterday I canceled my subscription and decided not to shop there any more because of the behavior I experienced from Longwood, Florida Big Lots store. I do not usually shop at Longwood Big Lots which is about 40 miles from my home but was there yesterday for some other purpose. On the way back home my asked me to buy some grocery and household supplies so we stopped by.

I asked an associate at the register if discount for purchse over fifty dollar can be still be applied if I do not have the printed or electronic coupon sent to my email with me. When he confirmed I picked up items I needed and met another associate at the same register. She scanned the items and I asked her to apply coupon.

She asked me for the coupon and I said i do not have this with me. She then called the manager who arrived in about 10 minutes. When I said I would like to apply the coupon which was not with me she said, "how could I apply coupon if you do not have it?" I said I did it in the past at other Big Lots stores and I did not need to present coupon and before shopping another associate at the same store confirmed that discount could be taken.

The manager said, "no, I cannot do that." Then I told her that I can possibly rectrieve my email password to retrieve the coupon sent using my cell phone. I began typing on the cell phone and only then she said "you can go to Big Lots website for the coupon." Clearly she was trying hard to prevent applying coupon lying to me that I must bring a coupon with me in order to get discount.

I told her that the associates should be trained to help customers finding the coupon. In response she said I will not serve you next time you come here. I asked her name but she left. When I was finalizing the payment with the associate in the cash register the manager came back and asked me to leave immediately saying "I am going to call police."

My wife forced me to leave the store and my seven year old daughter watched the entire episode. What a shame? Never going to Big Lots again.

  • Aug 31, 2015

Ridiculous fees, in the 90 day same as cash, an additional $80 in the end because they failed to inform client that the money was not debited. After my bank changed names, didn't realize progressive couldn't get their money, as zoos as I realized the money had not been taken out, I called them, because I wanted to assess the problem, because my bank changed, not my account..... Well I was told that when banks change, the payments sometimes come back returned..... but again nothing changed but my bank name, not the account... so why was there a problem? They couldn't answer, except told me that I was being charged and additional, almost 30.00 for the return, and almost 50 to accept the extended payment. The furniture is over priced and very cheaply made. Customer service does not care about that, all they say is go back to the store and take that up there....then say what accounts do you want us to use to get our payment. No sympathy, empathy, or customer service. They don't care about the customer, only the ridiculous, priced jacked payment. Buyer be warned, NEVER lease anything from this company, they will take way more money then you signed up for, and not stand behind their merchandise!!!

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