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Big Liz Conjure

Country United States
State Ohio
City Reynoldsburg
Address P.O. Box 1071

Big Liz Conjure Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2017

Elizabeth Ruth Big Liz Conjure First of all, I will say that I had a reading and purchased some oils from Big Liz a couple of years ago. I was not impressed so I never went back to her for anything else and not only that the oils started to smell bad or go rotten after a little while. Pretty bottles though. I was attracted to her website and she seemed so nice but she really isn't. Needless to say every now and again I will come across her videos on youtube or facebook groups. She and another guy whos name is Joseph Alexandar Robicheaux are now starting to make a witch hunt and smear campaign again E.A Koetting! I just couldn't believe it but I knew my hunch was right about her. They claim that they are not predujice against us white people that have supported her through the years but he and her have a radio show or blog show called " The Black Craft" check out the link before they try and take it down to cover themselves...such hypocrites.. they also claim to be a part of Louisiana Voodoo and Haitian voodoo but have no proof really and in the broadcast Big Liz even states she is not initiated but yet she wants E.A Koettings paper work and proof. I feel so bad for that young man. He even made a video saying he was done with studying and doing Haitian voodoo but these bullies won't leave him alone. She is a crazy stalker. I have heard things about her how she goes after others that don't want anything to do with her.You have been warned and her gay friend Joseph he is no better they are all bullies that go around harassing people on the internet and many of us have seen it. They try to go after popular and real practitioners cause they have nothing to stand on. They have no true power and their channels and client base is dead that is why they resort to such low levels. They live no where near Louisiana or Haiti, they are from Ohio. Just like you are watching people you both are being watched too.

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