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  • Aug 17, 2017

Latin America Baseball Classic or LABC - there is very little information out on the web regarding LABC, organizers associated with this organization such as Jim Parque or Bert Fernandez.

Jim Parque positions the opportunity for your son if selected is a can't miss opportunity to be part of The USA Team team to compete in Latin American (Dominican Republic) and play against many "advertised" countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and other nations. Jim and his group of coaches hold tryouts throughout the country and selects ballplayers from ages 10-18. If the ballplayer is selected, they are invited to play on the USA Team.

The opportunity to represent USA has its allure. They do put out a strong disclaimer that they are not associated with Team USA. It will cost a pretty penny to play in the event, $3500 for lodging and it doesn't include airfare. The lodging is at Be Live Hamacha, which is an old decrepate hotel built in 1951.

To be fair, the other allure of playing for a "USA" Team sounds amazing, playing against other Latin American "Countries" also sounds amazing. Playing against Latin players sounds amazing as well.

If any of the allure panned out, it would have been an amazing trip. However, there were only two Latin America Teams. The actual tournament name is Santo Domingo Baseball Diamond Classic. In the US, it is branded Latin America Baseball Classic or LABC. The teams in the pools where all from the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic area.

The Organizers didn't have their act together. There were very little communication. The most disappointed aspect the local players cheated. Several teams batted players out of turn, several players took off their jerseys and batted again. The common theme was you're playing in their country by their rules. The umpires favored the local teams and were very chummy with the local players. Several parents noticed the local teams and the umpires afterwards shared beers and laughing it up.

This was not their first year organizing this event, it has been on going for the past many years. They should have gotten this down to a science. The event was poorly organized. The hotel was awful. The countries that were advertised to participate - it was a false.

This event does not attract scouts (takes place during no-contact period), it is not as pretigous as it advertised and frankly, it is a pure money maker for Jim Parque. Quite honestly, he does not care about what you think. Parque has a bad reputation in the baseball community as a tirant, as a very strong willed former baseball player that really doesn't care about your opinion. His assertion is that there will be willing ballplayers excited to take your spot the next year.

Please be aware when Jim Parque comes rolling into your city and proclaim participation in the LABC representing Team USA is a can't miss / once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't be fooled. There's really no benefit out of this for your ballplayer. This trip will cost you a ton of money (participation fee, lodging and airfare) and you'll have buyers remorse on your flight back home. Families at the airport were consistently saying they couldn't wait to leave the island. Many said this was a one and done trip, even their child was to participate for free, they wouldn't go again.

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