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Big Dog Solutions

Country United States
State Florida
City Boynton Beach
Address 2240 W Woolbright Rd
Phone 786-345-8234

Big Dog Solutions Reviews

  • Dec 18, 2015

Red flag on the company Big Dog Solutions and the phone number 786-345-8234. I was contacted by a woman who claimed to be hearing impaired and therefore could only communicate via email and text. She was requesting I pet sit for her dog while in town on a temporary project. I was ok with this, until she told me she was sending me a check for $2850 to pay for my first weeks services, and that the rest of the money I would need to deposit to my bank. $2650 of that was to be withdrawn, in cash, to pay the pet supplier who would deliver her dog's items to her extended stay hotel. Upon receiving the check, I looked up the address and phone number printed on the check. I also looked into the return address on the FedEx box, and ended up calling a very annoyed man who says he gets 50 calls a day like this. Feeling anxious, I took the check to my favorite banker to ask her about it. She looked at some things, talked to her ops manager, made a few phone calls, then said to me: "I'm going to hang on to this so we can look further into it. I would highly suggest you draft up a fraud report." I did, and later I googled the names and numbers out of frustration. I found the same phone number for Big Dog Solutions in a report on this site for a similar scam, so have chosen to post it.

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