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Big Dan's Genetix

Country United States
State Alabama

Big Dan's Genetix Reviews

  • Sep 23, 2015

I contacted big dan via email on July 14th regarding the sale of some suvinier packs. We came to an agreement on the price and I agreed to send him 2 Amazon gift cards via email for $250 each totaling $500. I was told the items would be shipped next day via usps and I asked for signature required which he agreed. On the 16th dan states he would get them out that day. The 25th still nothing arrived I asked what to look for and what's the tracking and he then told me he sent snail mail without tracking. Totally contradicting what the original agreement was for. From then until now has been a complete nightmare. Message after message ignored only to reply that he has sent 2 envelopes and there's nothin more he can do. Shortly after Dan emails me and tells me he will be sending the order out the following day with tracking number. I wait nearly a week untill I asked Dan what's up only to be ignored . I finally lost my cool asking him of he's just a scam and preseded to let him know how I felt . I was ten finally able to get a response which stated that I will be blocked. I believe big fan selectively scams people as i know I am not the first.

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