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Bickman Law

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami Beach
Address 777 W 41st St #401
Phone 1 305-409-3636

Bickman Law Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2021

Joshua Bickman is one of the many scum bagpeople who claim to practice law in South Florida - He is atrocious and will work you over for his own benefit. His pattern is to charge a huge retainer, do nothing and quit before he does any work. You order him to file the papers, make calls, take action etc. and after he screws you, you have nothing and have to start over as the work was never done!

He works both sides, cancels witness and then quits because when you force him to do what he is hired for he sabotages you. All these attorneys drink from the same trough and the will all burn in hell! Do not hire any scum from Miami as they are not worth pissing on.

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