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Beautiful Story

Country United States
State Alabama

Beautiful Story Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2021

I made an online purchase December 12 2020 to this company fo a unisex heated vest in a size 3XL. I paid $ 10 extra dollars for the very fastest shipping possible and it still took 3 weeks to get.

After i had first reached out to the company they said it was coming from California. That was a lie and i later found out it was coming from China. Once i received the vest it didnt even come with a battery pack and the sizing was NO where near an actual 3XL. The tag was written in all chinese and i couldnt verify a brand name on the vest.

When i contacted they were unprofessional and unwilling to cooperate with me to innitiate a refund in full. The website stated they give full refunds under certain circumstances. My issue should have allowed a full refund but instead they wanted to offer me an $8 dollar compensation? I paid $50 for the vest not $8.

So now after numerous attempts to reach the online company via email only (no phone number) i have been getting ignored. I feel as if they ripped me off and took advantage of me. They dont answer questions properly and they avoid there customers requests for a valid refund. I need help in getting my money back. Can someone please help me?

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