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Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 442 Natoma St,
Phone 1-520-829-4420
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  • Oct 23, 2017

I would like to bring attention to the site "". Please investigate this site. On this site, many members openly indicate in their profiles that they are HIV positive. Some openly indicate in their profiles they are HIV negative. Some do not indicate their status. The reason for this post is because the site is one big "Typhoid Mary". Although adults may engage in calculated risk, this site encourages and endorses, through it's sponsor "Wet Media", a literal breeding ground for the transmission of the AIDS virus, as presented in its name. There is engagement in what is called "stealthing", which is the infection of an individual with the HIV virus who with malice of forethought infects an unknowing individual with the HIV virus. The HIV positive person takes pleasure in spreading his disease to another and will boast about it in his profile and posts and will encourage others to do the same. There are instances on the site where a groups of individuals meet to infect an HIV negative individual. A horrifying truth is that often the HIV negative individual expresses enthusiasm at the outset of such an event to actually become HIV infected. There are graphic photographs in most of profiles of men ejaculating into other men without protection and many to all of the site videos show and encourage this. Even though the AIDS virus is largely suppressed by the newer anti-retroviral medications, they do not protect against infection by sexually transmitted diseases like Hepatitis C, clymydia, and syphilis. Even though the calculated risk of engagement in bareback sex is widespread, surely the existence of a website that encourages disease spreading, and it's sponsor site, Wet Media, are guilty of moral turpitude.

Add to the mix the advertisement by site users of their own use of crystal methamphetamine. In profiles, individuals advertise their use of the drug openly. The lowering of inhibitions by an illegal drug, which clearly the sites endorses, encourages reckless and self destructive behavior and activities not only on but on any site or location, the practice if unsafe sex, transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, and illegal drug use, ever increasing self hatred, shame, and the repetition of this cycle as a hiding place from feelings of the guilt from what is in essence the crime of involuntary manslaughter. I would appreciate reader feedback as well as help in getting shut down immediately and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for the many crimes that it perpetrates hour by hour in "real time" as is what the "rt" in its name stands for.

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  • Jan 5, 2019

Bareback RT/AdamforAdam

no i disaggree. You are supposed to know whether or not the person is sick. Would you rather have them lying mixed in normal they go to this to find men like themselves as to not spread the disease. it boils down to the person being ok with it or not. some hiv undetectable guys wont even hook up with someone who is negative or visa versa. I would rather know what im getting into and what niche I should go into. for example, I wouldn't go to barebackrt simply because most will be HIV poz or undetectable. Not my niche. everyone has hook up sites...the gay community tries to separate themselves to avoid spreading and being with other HIV poz men. Get your facts straight. WHAT THE REAL CRIME IS THERE ARE ZERO STRAIGHT SITES LIKE THIS. They just take your money, scam you, and waste your time. Most profiles will be credit is due to the gay community for actually not committing fraud. maybe if we had more straight sites that worked this shit wouldnt be a problem. Fake straight profiles lead to poor self-image or depression or loneliness and some resort to exploring the gay community because it works...DEPLORABLE! If anything there's and equal amount of gays and these sites should exist. This is why the gay ones get criticized..THEY WORK/NOT A SCAM!..but people are backward as usual, pun intended. Come on straight community let get jiggy with it and make some sites

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  • Dec 5, 2018


Run by wankers who are only interested in the money they make from subscriptions

They don't give a fuck about anything else

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