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Bank On IP

Country United States
State Kansas
City Overland Park
Phone 888-850-1688

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  • Aug 3, 2017

Received into-Letter

Spoke with a "Product Manager", yes of which anyone can have this title lol. Asked questions and received "most answers", however found out later they were not All the truth. I was interested in lisencing Not Paying for Marketing. So, that during the song and dance she gave me-I knew or had a feeling this was a scam...PERIOD! Thanks for posting your experience it helped me a ton, hope I can help someone too! Lesson is, rule of thumb: if you want to "Lisencee your Patent", DONT EVER PAY A RED CENT, except for the deductions of Royalty Fees percentage and it should be around 25 percent ballpark! Read up on it, just google lisencing-tons of info and Remember the More you have to offer the MORE YOUR ROYALTY FEE WILL BE TO KEEP!! Lots of short articles out there, that's how I knew this company just wanted money. A board? Ya right!! LOL ???? Good Luck to those like me that have already been scammed by Invent Help!!! Pieces of shi@ should NOT BE IN BUSINESS! STAY AWAY FROM THEM TOO-Please. You can file on your own, straight to the patent's office and pay just 300- dollars, and that's it! Hire your own photographer etc.

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  • Oct 17, 2016

- no service at all, they just get your money and do nothing. Do not deal with them.

- bankonip changed the name from millennium marketing group but did not change the tactics, overland park, kansas

Hello there! do not deal with them. This is one of my last e-mails to them:

You are crooks and scammers "big time". If by monday aug. 22,1016 i don't get back my payment of $3000,- you will be exposed again at scam exposures. This e-mail will go to the scam, fraud and ripoff exposures to bbb and to my lawyer.

Evidently you have just changed the name from millennium marketing group but did not change the tactics. You are now bankonip. And this is because you were exposed as scammers. Look at the end of this e-mail.

You were supposed to send by us mail one copy of the media kits brochure to each one address on the mailing list and then send me a copy of the mailing receipt.

But since you did not bother to look for the addresses, you did not send anything. You were many moths late with everything. You don't even have the addresses of the potential clients.

Your original mailing list consisted of wrong addresses pretty much containing "candy factories" and you took several moths to complete it.

Then i sent you the proper list with the names of the companies which i completed in one day and you still didn't bother to look for the addresses. When asked for the addresses you didn't send them to me.

You were late again several moths with the brochure which you call "media kit" and finally you took everything for the brochure from my patent, the text and the pictures, nothing from you, us patent 8629570. I high school student could have put together a better brochure. Then i made some additions and corrections for the brochure and send them to you again.

Now you don't want to send me a copy of the mailing receipt because you didn't mail anything.

Anyway, after you changed your name from millennium marketing group to bankonip i guess scott norman, the boos of millennium is still running the show behind the curtain together with travis niehues and andrew niehues.

Waiting for my money and best luck with your next new name!



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  • Apr 13, 2019


I just got a letter and THANKS so much for your review!

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  • Dec 8, 2016


Could you contact me i also gave them $1000 to get me started 832 287 8988

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  • Mar 8, 2019

No background

I too received a letter, and had a conversation. It was interesting enough,

So as part of diligence the next step was to look for names of their staff and Linkedin serarch. Nothing!.

Their staff is largely invisible. There is no realistic case study I.e. patent number, owner and success stories. The lack of any form of show-n-tell is a solid indication of either a scam or a startup.

But the overall lack of proof of any kind tells a story. I am declining to work with Bankonip.

Meanwhile a company does have a history.

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  • Aug 13, 2020

Thank you

I too received the letter and I missed the webinar, thank God. After reviewing these comments and more on Rip Off Report this is not a company worth speaking to.

Why can these kinds of company's work as hard in doing the right thing instead of the wrong?

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  • Aug 29, 2020

Time to waste their time

Since we all here are patent owners (they found us in the registry for new patents) they have reached out to, lets waste as much of their time we can. See how far they will go before giving up on you. Ask for references, ask for roi, ask for examples of past work, ask for proof of their accolades they talk about on their site, etc lol. and after how much they say they like and value your patent let them know you have exhausted all your funds getting to this point. Just keep them on the hook as long as you can and have fun with it.

In the meantime google ip investors and select from some real companies who provide all services on a success fee (contingency fee) basis with no upfront fees, while giving clients complete control throughout the process.

  • Feb 27, 2020


Was just about to call them when I read your review, thanks my man. I’ve already sunk enough money into this!!!

  • Sep 3, 2019

No credibility

I received a letter from Bank on IP today and did some research on the web. As others mentioned, there is nothing positive about this company anywhere. They do have 4 members on LinkedIn (2 with no information; the other two with photos that look like they are in middle school).

Definitely a company that appears to be a scam. I will not respond to their interesting letter.

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