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Auto Transport Leads & Broker Guides

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 420 S ORANGE AVE
Phone 1-888-508-8444

Auto Transport Leads & Broker Guides Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

Think twice when sending them money, they will only accept zelle,cashapp so they can steal your money. STAY very far away from this company unless you like to give money away for FREE.

  • Apr 22, 2020

First off these people are all the same so called "company" I say that because after research, there is no corporate filling. They pretend like they are seperate to sell the same leads. After you compalin about the quality of the "leads" they will start to attck you, then when you ask if you can have your money back they tell you no!!!! And then proceed to say, "If you tell any one about this we will attack you company and give fake reviews".

I have the proof of everything i claimed emails, links, and reports to prove they are all one and the same! They even have a fake review site for autotransport leads!!!! wonder why both have the best reviews? thats right, they own it!!!!! It is so easy to make an honest living why people like this feel the need to scam, lie, and steal. There are 3 compaines combining for litigation agaisnt them so if you have been scammed by them also, please contact rip of report to get in touch with us.

  • Mar 3, 2020

Company was purchasing leads from other real vendors and selling them aged. Wouldn't take calls or acknowledge any filter request then when I requested a refund, they told me they were going to steal my money.

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