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Auto Imports, LLC.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tucson
Address 7295 E. 22nd St
Phone 1 520-347-2000

Auto Imports, LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2021

Called the dealer was lied to me from the beginning car was on add though offer up beautiful 2010 Cadillac cts4 price dropped 2000 dollars to 5999 they said yes car is here very nice car 100 miles from my house so l was asked if ld like to get preapproved financing l gave my info over the phone was told let's get preapproved than we will make a appt to see the car ok the next day l got a call from the finance company telling me l was approved made a appt for 11 the next day l was running late l called and rescheduled till 1:30 during this the finance company called the dealer told them that l had missed the 11appt but l had called and rescheduled the dealer called me l was 34 miles from Tucson he said that l was late for my appt with the finance company and that he didnt what that to alter thier decision and wanted to make l was close told him

l rescheduled for 1:30 just a few minutes later the finance company called and asked me if l was going by to pick up the car before coming told her l have to that l hadn't seen the car yet and that l would bring it over with me when l got to the dealship this is where the lies cheating deceiving theft by deception started l got out of car thinking the car would be pulled up in front didnt see it walked to the back didnt see it the manager came out ask if he could help me lm here to pick up the 2010 Cad need to drive it and take it over to the finance company

he goes oh man let me show you we walk way in the back cars piled up almost ontop of one another l saw the cad from where he stop he pointed to it and said we just discovered that the carrier bearing was bad and we have to order car will be ready tomorrow l told him you just talk to me you knew l was coming to drive and sign and buy the car the credit place wanted me to bring the car over to them he said they already saw the car said it was 10 everything was good l told him their not buying the car l am l need to drive l was all sorry and apologized he goes it's a Cadillac its beautiful what could possibly be wrong with l mention because of the carrier bearing being waisted like you said that normally it takes out the transmission and the bushing

l said you better make sure thats all good he said he had it checked out and carrier bearing was making a little noise and its Cadillac we just didnt want any problems the car was just dirty looked almost like someone had thrown mud all over the driver side and the tires looked they were sitting directly in the sun where they had a white color to them l ask is that the car on the add theres no way he told me that they just got over a windy dust blowing rainy bad storm the last three days but dont worry l will have it detailed just as nice as the add

no worries the finance company gave it a 10 not a thing to worry we take care of you and what we sell you dont have anything to worry about this isn't 70s cant get away with that more you'll be happy can l give you a ride to finance company l said nope he goes follow my guy hes going there anyway so l did

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