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Phone 1-888-445-1555

AudioSavings Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2019

I purchased Rockville dB15 6000 Watt/3000w RMS Mono Class D 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Ampand .Upon initial installation i Removed old amp and installed Rockville Amplifier . All the lighting was nice but didn't work.Checked all wiring and nothing out of whack ..Removed Rockville dB15 Amplifier installed my old Amplifier back and all was good..

I RE-INSATLLED OLD AMP BACK AND ALL WAS WELL.. I returned with much frustration and paid shipping out of pocket because seller would not pay return shipping. I purchased BOSS Audio R2400D Amplifier from another seller and it worked just fine concluding i recieved a defective product from audio savings.

In order to make things right i requested reimbursement for out of pocket expenses to ship defective product back but repeatably Audio shipping would not agree to reimburse although the have free return shipping on their website.

  • Oct 12, 2016

AudioSavings sells products that they do not have in inventory and tries to sell you the house brand, Rockville Audio. They will purposely delay shipping and give you the run around about the warehouse or useless excuse. Once you get your products(even if its the wrong items) you will be OUT of the refund period guranteed. Its a simple bait and switch. Plus try returning something(even if it is the wrong item) they will charge you a restocking fee and shipping costs(even if it was free to begin with).

They also lie about being authroized on many products. They are buying C and B rated products from cheap wholesale companies, reboxing and claiming it carries manufacuture warranty and it does not. They are NOT an authorized Alpine dealer.

Long story:

You get what you pay for. About a year after I got my son a car, we started upgrading the audio electronics. His birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him something we can work on together. After a week of research, a friend of mine told me about

Now I should mention, I live in Toronto. When buying products from the US(or anywhere) we get hit with all sorts of uncessary fees. I called and told them my situation. Before I could finish speaking, the customer service rep kindly asked if I would consider the AudioSavings store brand, Rockville Audio and told me about free shipping, and how much I would save. I responded kindly with No. I was buying a specific brand amp, speakers and subwoofers. The total bill was around $931.00 US dollars for everything. This even included "free" shipping and the customer service rep assured me that it would be shipped within the same day and that all items were in stock and even went on to say they are an authorized dealer in New York, for over 10 years.

Stupid me, I should have invested time to researched AudioSavings. Well after T W O entire weeks, I get an email saying "the warehouse had a mixup with inventory" and they are so sorry and would like to offer me a discount for my "next" purchase. This is where I got worried, and sure enough, things did not get better.

I emailed back stating how this upsets me but I understand and if they can do anything to ensure that the order is processed immediately. Three days later I get a reply stating "No problem, you will be updated with tracking immediately, your items have been shipped." I was super happy. A week passes by nothing.

I emailed maybe 3-4 time asking about the tracking. No response. So I gave them a call the following week, customer service rep cant seem to find my order said he will call me back shortly. Another week passes.

What a surprise right? Another call the following Monday customer service rep tells me "We just updated our database and are short-staffed." After about 40min (literly it took over 30min just to find my name) he tells me the order has not shipped because the subwoofers are out of stock. So at this point im fuming and had enough. I tell them that I want a full refund immeditaly. AudioSavings rep said OK no problem, then hangs up.

After maybe 2-3 HOURS of calling back, the rep tells me he is so sorry and was reading the wrong name and assured me that yes my items were shipped. I told the rep to please send me the tracking immediately.

I waited another (2) weeks, still no tracking.

However we did get a package. Certainly not what I ordered. The sent me ROCKVILLE AUDIO. I thought this might just be the packaging, but to my dismay, inside the brown box was another Rockville branded box. Now at this point, I had enough. I emailed and called them non-stop and requested to speak with a supervisor/manager. Another week goes by.

A guy gets on the phone, claims that he is the owner of and wants to help me. He was suppose to send me a return pdf for all the Rockville equipment and issue a full refund. This process took over (2) months for them to correctly setup. After (2) months of them sending me the WRONG return slips(They kept putting the wrong product weight, in hopes that I would pay the difference in return shipping. On top of messing up the size and quanity)

After the items arrived to there warehouse, more waiting. They told me it would take about (3) days for the warehouse to "process the return." Which makes no sense to me being that it was new, and unused. Whoever called seemed very busy and you can tell she wanted to be off the phone. I asked when I can expect my refund. She told me to hold on, and hung up on me.

I sent the tracking number along with numerous emails, updating them and asking about my refund. Never a reply. A week goes by and I am still sending the same email, asking about the "processing" and if they were going to issue my FULL refund or what?

Finally, a customer service rep replies to one of the 20+ emails I sent, and gives me a another BS story. So now they have a new manager and everything will be taken care of immediately.

The new manager, (after being on hold for over an hour), tries to give me this whole BS story about how I can not get a refund, and only store credit. Well after threatening to contact a lawyer, the owner, again, jumps on the phone and says I will get a full refund minus shipping cost. EVEN though shipping was apparently "free" due to my order total.

After arguing about shipping cost, the OWNER, says he will make an "exception for me" and setup a full refund. Took ANOTHER (2) weeks. Apparently because of "processing" time. I got a refund that was not equal to what was paid. After another week of calling about my refund, a manager tells me that I was refunded MINUS 10% Restocking fee PLUS SHIPPING COST.

SO they decided to keep 10% of the total order + (free)shipping costs for products that I did not order.

At this point, I just wanted to be done and over with. I have never purchased anything online with this much trouble. The whole process was a nightmare. I will never shop with again.

After posting my story on an audio forum, I found that has been doing this for ages. Do not waste your time with these guys.

You have been warned.

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