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Audible Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Newark
Address 1 Washington Park, 16th Floor
Phone 973-820-0400

Audible Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 3, 2020

I published several ebooks on Amazon Kindle like Chrissy Teigen Teach Your Child To Cook. These titles were converted to ebooks via ACX then put on sale on Audible. I get monthly royalties reports but Amazon isn't paying me neither is Audible.

Today June 4th 2020 Amazon shut my account down without cause and said they will never pay me. This is how Jeff Bezos became rich

  • Jul 22, 2018

In April 2017 actresses Vanessa Reyes, Adrienne Roberson and Felicia Farraday narrated and produced Sean Diddy Combs hip hop series, A Damsel In Distress into audio books. Episodes 1-16 were produced and were to put on sale on Itunes and Audible. We have the contracts for all of the productions. Audible and Amazon failed to honor the contract by putting the audio books on sale within six months of producing them. In the contract, it states that if Amazon and Audible fail to put the audio books on sale on Itunes and Audible, then Amazon and Audible have to pay the owners damages in the amount up to $160 million dollars. Amazon and Audible refuse to return our phone calls to answer why the audio books aren't on sale. They have stolen our ideas and intellectual property.

  • May 12, 2018

I never ordered from audible or authorized any purchase . I’ve never even received any product and dont know why they are doing this to me. I live on a fixed income and only get a disability check each month.

The fraudulent charges are disastrous to my budget. I have my expenses figured out to the penny. There is no room for fraud. Please help me. Thanks.

  • Apr 28, 2018

How is it possible for someone to charge my card at a site I've never been to?

  • Apr 16, 2018

I cancelled over a year ago and now noticed they have been charging me again for the past few months. No number to call and complain

  • Dec 27, 2016

For the past 18 months, erroneous charges every month for $14.95 have appeared on my credit card, totaling $269.10. Ever since these charges appeared, I have utilized chat, customer service, email and have transcripts admitting error and promising a fix. The charges keep coming. I spent four hours today of my vacation compiling credit card statements, identifying charges, scanning, and the follow-up hasn't even started. No fewer than 48 phone calls/chats/emails today alone with Arlene, Howard, supervisors and countless others with English sounding names. Additionally, I endured customer service reps with bad phone connections, minimal English skills, and multiple hour-long waits that still didn't result in speaking to a supervisor. I am supposed to be transferred to America if I request, but this didn't happen either.

Big corporations send armies of overseas workers earning $.10/hour to perpetuate dishonest practices. No way to be during the holidays or any other time Jeff Bezos Don Katz taking advantage of working class people.

  • May 14, 2016 MY wife tried to get a free month. They then started to charge us automaticall for 20 months when we did not know about it or use the service.

An AMAZON subsidiary. it is shady to enroll people who may not read correctly or be elderly and miss the infinite agreement.

They refunded 12 months and said that is their limit. They said visa could challenge the rest. Visa only allows contesting for a month or two after the event. So out of luck. They owe me 8 x 14.95 or $119. Their supervisor said that waas all they could do. Since they refunded 12 months, they admitted error on their part. So WHY hold back on earlier charges? It makes no logical or moral sense, just monetary sense. Fed up with them.

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