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Country United States
State Arizona
City Chandler
Address 2310 south Airport Blvd Suite 9.
Phone 480-414-6569
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  • Apr 19, 2016

I went to Auction Block to view a vehicle that was placed for sale on Craigslist. Upon inspection of the vehicle and receiving consultation, I decided to move forward with the purchase of the vehicle.

The broker I was doing business with was Jeanice Pierce who informed me that she/they did NOT have the title yet as they were awaiting the "Earnhardt" dealership (NEVER gave specifics even upon my questioning) to send it. She advised that I would receive temporary paperwork until the receipt of the title that she would then mail to me.

Upon completing the paperwork, Jeanice asked "Do you want the exact mileage or an estimated amount?" Shocked by her inquiry, I insisted on the exact amount of the odometer which is what was written on the "purchase agreement".

I had yet to receive the title, so I placed a call to Jeanice inquiring about the status. Jeanice stated she wasn't at the office yet, but believed the title had come in. Upon her arrival at the office, Jeanice called me back, advised the title was received and she would be sending it to me via direct mail to my home.

Title was received which raised more red flags than the initial transaction. As you can see in the attachments titled "Title Front" and "Title Back", there are many problems:

What I received is an open title as I, the buyer, did not fill out any information and the title was NOT properly transferred to me by Auction Block (as exemplified by the front of the title stating Daniel Arthur Blech)

There are NO dates logged for the past three transfers of ownership (including my own)

There is NO odometer reading on the document at all from ANY of the transfers

Furthermore in relations to the title is the FORMER POA that was stapled to the title

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