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Auction Network

Country Canada
City Markham, Ontario
Address 501 Alden Road Unit 4
Phone 905-474-9743

Auction Network Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2017

I placed three (3) separate bids on three separate items on an internet auction conducted by auction networks ltd.

One item i was the only bidder.

A second, there were other bidders but my bid was the highest

And the third i was the only bidder again.

Yet i won none of these items. For all items there was no mention of no reserve, the starting bid was listed as n/a and $0.00.

After auction was completed i didn't receive any notification that i had been outbid and when i logged in to check on the items the only notation was "item not sold".

No reason or explanation. Just that i had the highest bid and the item was 'not sold'.

When i contacted auction networks their response was that i should refer to the terms and conditions. My review did not explain why they could void a bid for what i assume is that they don't like the selling price.

Their terms and conditions do state that the 'highest bidder acknowledged by auction network will be the purchaser" - but they are not honouring that term/condition of theirs.

I don't expect any favourable resolution as a prior Outscam alludes to them just threatening legal action if a bad review is not removed. A tactic that i'm not surprised at hearing after seeing how they conduct their business.

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