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Attractive Partners Ltd

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Alcester
Address 8 Arrow Court, Springfield Business Park
Phone 44 800 644 4140

Attractive Partners Ltd Reviews

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  • Jun 5, 2017

I paid over £4000 for the highest package, essentially I paid for this package as they said that they would headhunt for me for what I wanted. The company made it sound so great. Like they had loads of matches loads of attractive people on their books. As well as their headhunting service that they provided. They promised me at least one date every month, I never had one. First of all I tried explaining to them what I wanted in a partner they didn't seem to understand or can be bothered to listen to me. The first profile they emailed to me was terrible! completely unsuitable not my type at all. I guess you could say he wasn't attractive and at the bottom of the gene pool. I emailed them back telling them this also informing them that they were not aware of what I wanted. The second profile was exactly the same awful, and the third and fourth profile. By this time I wasn't happy with their service I lost all confidence in them could not believe I paid so much money for such a poor service where they didn't listen to you. With very rude with your attitude claiming that they knew more than me about how to find a match. It was my impression that they would listen to exactly what I wanted and somebody would go out and headhunt for me this was not the case at all. I think whoever was on their books they're just trying to get rid of and just throwing me together with anyone it was an awful experience and I have been unable to get my money back. I feel like a fool for handing over so much money. Whatever you do do not go with this company they're awful people and it is a scam. The company should be shut down and the people should be locked up. They have since shut down my account because they said my behaviour is not tolerated and they tell me that I cannot have my money back as I signed a contract I am currently in court proceedings with them.

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  • Dec 11, 2018


I wish I had seen your review before I signed up and paid so much money. I am having exactly the same experience as you. Sent me 3 men who did not fit. They are very defensive when you question them. I tried to get my money back after a month or so saying they could keep any insured expenses but they flatly refused. Absolute rip off. Do not sign up for any of their companies if you are a mature female.

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  • Nov 1, 2019

Horrendous service

If I could give 0 stars I would.

Not only did they not give me accurate information before I signed the contract, effectively voiding the contract anyway, but they were unable to offer any matches that were less than an hour away which had been my main priority. They were rude and dismissive, took on no feedback after each match and then refused a refund for the remaining months despite having given me inaccurate information. They are unable to fulfil their contract and do not offer adequate skill level, do not operate in appropriate timeframes and were unwilling to share the cost breakdown of their charges. Which I am fairly sure is required by all auditors.

I am in the middle of collating information in which I will be using to launch a legal complaint against them.

I could not stress how much you should AVOID this company.

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